trojans,worms and viruses

Malware can damage your computer.

Trojans ,Worms and viruses are all types of malware. Malware stands for malicious software.This means that trojans worms and viruses are all going to do harm to your machine and to you.

viruses, trojans and worms.

viruses can get on to your machine when you open an email or web page with them on.A virus slows down your machine and attaches it self to files ,and will spread all over your machine and can spread to other machines.Viruses can delete files from your computer and can even erase your whole hard drive.Worms and Trojans do the same thing but come from a different place .Trojans and worms can track what you are doing all the time and use something called key logging which means they track what you are typing which means if your typing a password they could save it and then it could be sent to a criminals the other side of the world .Trojans come from opening an email and worms can come automatically.

frequantly asked questions.

how can i protect my computer from these?

You can use a fire wall to stop them from getting on your machine,also you can use an antivirus to alert you when some malicious software gets on your machine so your can get rid of it.

can any of these damage my machine?

Yes all of these if not taken care of can permanently damage your machine.