Tech & Media Mashup

Edition 5- October 13, 2015

iOS now fine!

The technology department has given us the okay to update our device to iOS 9. So, if you or your students feel the need to do that, you may go ahead. Those students who updated before they were released to do so should now be seeing apps in Self Service.

I've noticed there is also a new update out there for your laptops called El Capitan. I haven't heard anything about it yet from the technology department, so let's wait on that update.

Google Email (gmail) for Students:

At this time we aren't able to set up the students' email accounts in the mail app on the iPads. But to make it more convenient to check, once they are in their account using Safari, have them add it to their home screens.

How do you add it to your home screen?

  1. Go to your gmail account via Safari
  2. Click on the share icon to the right of the URL
  3. Tap Add to Homescreen
  4. Tap Add

*This is also a good idea for other websites your students will frequently use.


Mrs. Sloop and I were excited to hear that Dr. Moody's vision is to have support staff included in collaborative planning time with teachers. This is going to be a great way for us to be more aware of what you are doing in your classrooms and will help us to better support you. We look forward to collaborating with your grade levels, helping you generate ideas, finding resources for you, and just being there on a regular basis to plan together.

3-5 iPads & iMovie, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, etc.

The tech department has sent "tokens" for the students to download the paid apps you have all been missing--Pages, Numbers, GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote!

The students should see "VPP Invitations" at the top of Self Service. They will tap it and then tap "Accept Invitation" on the next screen. They will tap "Continue" to allow the apps to be assigned to them, and then they will tap "Agree" to the terms and conditions. It may take a WHILE for the apps to appear as they are very large files. It may not even happen that same day, I'm not sure. Just have the students keep a check on them.

DE Spotlight on Strategies

DE has updated the way the SOS are listed and I just love it! Now, you can find strategies to use based on a skill you want to teach. There are many different skills under which you can find SOS strategies such as citing evidence, compare and contrast, point of view, and many more. Here's how to find this awesome matrix!

On your DE homepage, click on the Professional Development tab. Then click on Spotlight on Strategies and you will find it! If you find one that you really like using, please let me know and I'll share it!

Here's a sample one to try if you need an idea for teaching content specific vocabulary.

It's called Vocabulary Stepping Stone. You would use this strategy with a DE video related to your area of study. The only thing you need to prepare ahead of time is a list of vocabulary words for students to cut apart and use throughout the activity. The link below takes you to the pdf with step-by-step directions for this particular strategy. If you would rather learn about it via a short video, you can find it in the SOS matrix I mentioned above.

iPad Help Request QR Code

Thanks for having your students use the iPad help QR code to notify me of problems with their iPads. This is such an efficient way for me to log their problems and keep a record of them. I check it a couple times a day and I'm always able to see the student either the same day or the next day. If a student is having a problem with the iPad that prevents them from using their QR reader app to send a request, have them use another student's iPad to do it or let them use yours. Thanks again for your help, it's working out great!

From Mrs. Sloop...

Destiny Did you know? (continued from last time)

So, now you know that there are two ways to access the catalog: through the main RSS E3 homepage or via the Destiny Quest app. But what all can you do once you're there? The app is great for quick searches but doesn't allow for the tiered searches. There are a couple neat tools that you can utilize from your laptop though.

  • Narrow your search: If you're needing to narrow down a search, for example to include certain book levels, simply click in the green bar below the search box. This will allow you to enter book levels. You can enter AR as the program and then enter the book levels that correlate to your students' guided reading levels. Just remember to clear out your limiters, or your future searches will be limited to the levels that you set.
  • Resource Lists: *Remember, you need to be logged in using your using your PowerSchool number for the user name and password. Once you're logged in, you should see a menu on the lefthand side of the screen. Click on Resource Lists. There should be a button in the top right corner that says, "Add List". From here, you should be able to add a list with a specific title. For example, if you're using titles for a social studies unit, you might name the unit and add the titles that you would like. You can make the list public to our school, or keep it private for yourself. Making lists public within the school, lets others see your lists. This might be a neat way for you to share some of your favorite reads with your students. You can also add co-owners if you'd like so that your team can also access and view the lists. Now you when you search, you can add titles to the list. Make sure to select the list from the dropdown box that you want to add to.

Lastly, a couple housekeeping notes regarding Destiny. When records were uploaded at the beginning of the school year, teachers were uploaded with the PowerSchool numbers as usernames AND pw's. This is different than in the past. I am in the process of getting your old accounts deleted and will be making new cards for the teacher checkout. You don't really have to scan your card, you simply enter your PowerSchool number (just like when students check out). Also, I have changed some access levels, which gets you the ADD LIST feature that hasn't been there in the past. This also should keep the computer from beeping at you for max checkouts. Please let me know if you notice issues on your account when you're checking out materials. Thanks again for your patience as I work through these updates with Destiny.

60/20 Score Cards and Color Run UPDATE!

So our kiddos may have been ready to run, but Hurricane Joaquin had other plans. The reading kick-off event at Patterson Farms has been rescheduled to Sunday, November 1st. I still have Color Run brochures at the circulation desk for anyone that is interested. Remember the school with the largest percentage turnout will get a free tailgate party! And any staff who are runners/walkers are welcome to participate in the Color Run! I am waiting on more passes to be printed, but as soon as I receive them, I will get them delivered to your students. We have had over 90 students turn in cards for participating in the 60/20! Thank you for supporting this district initiative!

RSS Reading Kick-Off Recipe Contest

As part of the RSS Reading Kick-Off, there is also a recipe contest open to students. The information for the contest is listed on the website. The rules are outlined and really mesh well with reading informational text and writing to explain and provide directions in a process. The entries are due by October 27th. Please let me know if you'd like support with this or have any students with questions.