Central Texas Dance Contest

to be held at Liberty Hill High School

Info for Contest on February 13, 2016

Saturday's Performance Schedule:

Officer Routines, Team Routines and Ensembles will be performed in the Main Gym ~

  • 9:00AM - Officer Jazz - "My Dear Friend"
  • 9:52AM - Officer Contemporary - "Take Control"
  • 10:48 - Company Leader Ensemble - "Booty Swing"
  • 11:04 - Team Kick "Lights, Camera, Action"

LUNCH BREAK in cafeteria

Back to the Main Gym ~

  • 1:40 - Team Jazz "Lucky Strike"
  • 1:56 - Spirit Leader Ensemble - "Love Mix"

Move to the Auditorium ~

  • 2:44 - Taylor Childs
  • 2:48 - Taryn Norrod
  • 2:52 - Smrithi Chandy
  • 2:56 - Nathasha Richtermeyer
  • 3:00 - Emily Morrissey
  • 3:04 - Ashley Williamson
  • 3:08 - Elle McClain
  • 3:12 - TBD

Last routines are performed in the Main Gym ~

  • 4:08 - Duet: Brown/Kelly
  • 4:12 - Duet: Williams/Bonfils
  • 5:04 - Team Pom "Drop it Low"

Technique Challenge at 6:00pm, for anyone interested in participating.

Awards estimated at 7:00pm.

Team Packing List

Things You Need to Know:

  • Carpool to LHHS - Each dancer will need to arrange transportation to and from the contest at LHHS. Carpools are advised. See the map attached for student drop off information.
  • Arrival Time for Officers should be 7:30AM PROMPT. Arrive wearing your officer jazz costume for "My Dear Friend". Hair and make up should be done. Wear your jacket over the costume.
  • Arrival Time for the Team should be no later than 7:45AM. Hair and Majestic make-up already done, wearing your first costume. You must have your Majestics jacket over your costume.
  • Make sure to eat a good breakfast and arrive with a full tummy. You will get a lunch (included) at 11:30am, and a snack break around 3pm. Bring money for snacks and/or dinner from the concessions.
  • Dressing Rooms - Our team will be using the LHHS band hall as our dressing room. A Liberty Belle will escort you to that area when you arrive. Moms can help drop things off, but will not be able to remain in the dressing room during the contest.
  • Bring extra supplies (pins, bobby pins, hair spray, finger nail polish remover, etc., for team use during the day).
  • Awards - Prepare to stay for the awards ceremony. The end time will depend on the size of the contest, and how many awards they hand out. If you need to leave earlier, please contact me personally prior to the day of contest.

More info for the Parents:

  • Wear Purple! Sit in the audience and make lots of noise by cheering when we perform. The judges respond positively to a routine that gets a lot of 'pop' from the audience. Bring the pop!
  • Best place to eat: Dahlia's cafe. This eatery is a local favorite and well known throughout the hill country for it's chicken fried steak and down home cooking. This would be a great place to eat breakfast after you drop off your dancer in the morning. See menu and link below.