Lindsey Vonn

Sommer Schoenenberger


Lindsey Vonn is the most accomplished American skier in American history.


Lindsey skied so much that she lost many joys of childhood, but became a better skier.

At age 11 Linsey and her family moved from Buckhill,Minnesota to Vail, Colorado to pursue her skiing dreams.

Vonn started a grueling fitness program to maintain coordination and quickness on the slopes.


Lots of people, places, and things were important to Lindsey's skiing career.

For example, Thomas Vonn , Lindsey's now ex-husband, was important to Lindsey because he was the person who got Lindsey involved in a new workout program to help her achieve skiing at a whole new level.

Buck Hill was an important place to Lindsey because that was the skiing hill where Vonn skied when she was a young girl.

Another example would be Erich Sailer. He was Lindsey's first skiing instructor who helped her learn the basics


Linda Krohn, Lindsey's mother, had a stroke while giving birth to Lindsey.

Lindsey always felt that her skiing was a part of her parent's divorce.

Vonn never liked to show off.

At just age 17, Lindsey Vonn won a position for the women's Olympic team.

Lindsey and her father had a big argument over Lindsey's boyfriend, Thomas Vonn.


In the book Lindsey Vonn, a life lesson you might learn is

The harder you work, the more accomplished you can become.


Lindsey Vonn

By Marty Gitlin