VTSD Tech News

October Edition

A Note from the Tech Guy

As I visit classrooms from preschool up to the high school, I have the impression that teachers are feeling better about all the craziness that started last year with state initiatives. Everyone generally feels better about the second year of the evaluation process - everyone has a vague idea of what PARCC will look like...I feel like everyone is a little more comfortable this year because I see teachers trying new things in their classrooms and with technology. Risks were hard to take last year but this year you have not disappointed! I have seen online discussions with students about digital citizenship, teachers gathering SGO data with digital assessments, teachers trying out our new computer labs, and other great stories!

In this new format of the Tech Update, we decided to do a spotlight to showcase neat ways teachers are using technology. We only picked out one spotlight but I have heard of many successes! Thank you all for a great start to the year and thank you for all of your hard work and preparation!

Google Tip of the Month

For new Google users and veterans, there is always more to learn with Google Apps for Education. See the video below on how to schedule meetings and book computer labs!

Tech Spotlight

I would like to spotlight innovative uses of tech in (and out) of the classrooms. This month's spotlight comes from 1st grade teacher, Lynn Barone, who has a Google Form for parents to help students at home with spelling! See the link below and great work, Lynn!

Upcoming Tech Training

  • Exploring Discovery Ed Science Techbook (Grades 2-4) - October 1, 4:00pm
  • Study Island: Creating Activities & Collecting Data - October 2, 4:00pm
  • ExploreLearning: Getting Started with Gizmos - October 7, 3:00pm
  • MBC vs. Google Classrooms - October 8, 3:00pm
  • Google Drive & Apps - October 8, Online 7:00pm
  • Discovery Ed Science & Social Studies Techbooks 5-8 - October 9, 3:00pm
  • Stop Bleeding Red Ink: Online Assessment Tools - October 9 & 16, 4:00pm
  • Get Organized! Note-Taking Apps - October 14 & 21, 4:15pm
  • Meeting Collaborative Writing Standards - October 23 & 30, 4:00pm
  • Tools & Strategies to Flip your Classroom - October 28, 3:00pm
  • Online Lesson Plans with Oncourse - October 29, 4:00pm

Make sure to sign up on MyLearningPlan.com

Coming Soon...

  • K-4 laptops for classrooms! We have deployed about 50% of the laptops, the rest are coming soon!
  • IEP Direct - almost 100% ready to use!
  • Check the Staff Directory to make sure your contact info is right
  • Managed Printers - we are adding more, fast network printers and reducing the number of small classroom printers

Tech Coach Schedules

Need some time with a Tech Coach? Here are the buildings they are in:

Janet DeSenzo - Monday WR, Tuesday LH, Thursday RH, Friday float

Jackie Van Orden - Monday HS, Tuesday CM, Wednesday HS, Thursday GM, Friday float


Want some D.I.Y. training? Check out our online Tech Tool Kit!