Prevention of Extinction

Our world, our problem, our solution.


Animals become extinct for one of three reasons, poaching, desease or loss of habitat. Poaching happens for either money or fun. Animals like the Northern Sportive Lemur, are hunted because they are fast and hard to shoot, thats why they are hunted. Animals like the Javan Rhino, are hunted for their horn. This trade is illegal due to the Rhinos critically endangered status.


Disease affects all animals. They range from Cancer to Tapeworm (which is actually a parasite, but we will take it). Imagine a world without those cute little lemurs, or those fluffy puppies. if a desease started in animals it could spread to humans, and that would be disasterous.

Loss of habitat

Habitat loss is way too common in this world. Deforestation is causing the worlds most unique animals to die. Australia's own Tasmanian Tiger died because people were destroying there home. This caused them to attack livestock as their original food source died from logging. The attacking of cattle added a bounty to their heads. In 1936 the Tasmanian Tiger was officially declared extinct. This was an unnecissary loss that should never had happened. With your help we can prevent this from ever happening again. For more info go to, Animal Lovers United, or A.L.U.