E-Mail Junk

What is Spam?

Spam messages are those stupid emails that we get that pile up and can be dangerous! Spam is overall just a big waste of time, and most of us just ignore it, but we all have that one friend who is the 100,000th visitor and wants his prize!

Spam is Expensive!

Spam actually costs you! It counts on your monthly internet bill and wastes bandwidth.

It can slow your computer down, take up email space, and generally just annoy you. It makes streaming Netflix, or Youtube slow, and will make everything slow!

Spam wastes time!

Some of us might actually spend hours and hours sorting through spam hoping to find something cool, but I guarantee you, all you will find is malware.

Spam can be Deadly!

Spam can be deadly, not to you, but to your computer! Spam often contains malware, and will try to gain personal information from you. It breeches your computer, and rips its insides apart (not literally.) If you click on that link, it might be secretly downloading a virus to mess up your computer!

Preventing Spam

Prevention Helps!

Spam Filters!!!!!

Don't reply to spam, you will get more!