Stein Yeshiva Early Childhood

May 6, 2016

Yeshiva reminders and important information

Please remember to send in a weather-appropriate change of clothing.

Yom Ha' Atzmaut Celebration, Thursday, May 12th. Please dress in blue and white.

Lag B'Omer Celebration, Thursday, May 26th. Please dress in outdoor/sports clothing.

Teacher Apprication Week

Thank you to the PTA for the wonderful Shabbos flowers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week!

A window into our week

2's @ Stein

Even though it was a pretty wet and rainy week, the 2's began to explore the outdoor environment. The children discussed the season of spring and observed different types of flowers. The children also created their own flowers out of coffee filters and dot paint.

3's @ Stein

Rain, rain, DON'T go away! The children in the 3's explored rain this week and rain clouds. They observed actual rain clouds outside and described what they saw. The children created their own "rain clouds" using shaving cream and food coloring. The shaving cream represented the cloud, while the food coloring represented the rain. The children watched as the food coloring dripped form the top of the cloud to the bottom creating "rain".

4's @ Stein

Counting the Omer = math. The children in the 4's have been counting the Omer in school every day. The children love to say the bracha and then count the correct day. A new flower is added to their wonderful Har Sinai board each day that they count which depicts counting up until Shavous.

Pre-1A @ Stein

This week the children in the Pre1-A began a new science unit on "Animal Habitats". The children began investigating different types of habitats, journaling their thoughts. They look forward to creating an Animal Habitat Diorama at the conclusion of this unit.

Toddler's @ Stein

Happy Mother's Day! This week the toddler class prepared a wonderful Mother's Day gift for their mommies.