Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791

by: Nicolas Reus

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Mozart's early years

Mozart was already familiar with the violin, harpsichord and an early version of the piano before he was 6 years old. Before long his father was taking him and his sister Nannerl on a tour of Europe. All the royalty of Europe wanted to hear Mozart play his symphonies or other songs and tricks. During tour his father got sick of a throat infection while they were on tour in London, while he waited for his father to get better he composed his symphonyNo1. That's when Mozart's career started to take off considerably, sadly after he was around 16 nobody wanted to listen to his grand music, because they thought they already heard what Mozart was''all about''.
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Map of Austria 1766

This is a map of Austria during the 1760's, Mozart lived in Austria for his whole life. He lived in Salzburg for most of his early years before going on tour throughout Europe. Then in 1781 he moved to Vienna where he married Costanze Weber and had 6 children, later in 1791 he died in the streets of Vienna from a fever. Even after his death, his legacy lives on throughout the world and every day a new person might hear Mozart for the first time and feel the same way as someone who heard it more than 100 years ago..
W. A. Mozart - Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter" in C major (Harnoncourt)

Mozart's symphony No 41

One of the best pieces composed by Mozart, it's nickname ''Jupiter'' comes from the roman god of the sky. I t was nicknamed that due to the greatness of the son that it was named after the roman god of the sky, which is one of the most important roman gods..Throughout the song you might be able to hear ''Mozart 41'' throughout the duration of the music. It is one of the most powerful pieces ever composed and one of the best in the history of classical music. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest composers of his time one of the most brilliant ones too.

Mozart's other music

Some of his very famous pieces are Don Giovanni, the magic flute,symphony No1, 12 variations of twinkle twinkle little star and the marriage of figaro. They were all outstanding pieces of work by Mozart and were considered to be very good songs by the public. Although these songs can't be compared to the greatness of symphony No 41 they are still very good and people listen to them to this day. Mozart could've composed many more songs if it wasn't for his abrupt death in 1791 from a fever

Mozart's legacy

Mozart left behind all his songs that people still listen to today and still admire them, famous musicians play his music for thousands of people. He left behind his style of composing and his tricks , such as the one he used to do with the piano. Also there is a sweet in Austria that is named after Mozart, there is also a beautiful statue of gold in Vienna of him. Mozart will always be remembered as one of the greatest musicians and composers that ever lived.

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