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Support the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 and help Ukraine in this time of crisis

In early October 2014, a number of individuals affiliated with national Ukrainian American organizations formed the Ad Hoc Committee for Ukraine (AHCU). It was formed to help coordinate civic efforts in two specific and time sensitive areas critical to gaining greater US support for military assistance to Ukraine.

Similar ad hoc committees were established in the past, including for the observance of the Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine and the repeal of the Jackson-Vanik amendment. Today, the need for community mobilization is of no less significance and consequence.

The purpose of AHUC is to help secure, before the end of 113th Congress, the following near term goals that carry with them long term implications for effective engagement in meeting the military needs of Ukraine:

1.to encourage Senators to cosponsor and vote for S.2828, the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014, which would provide non-provocative, lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine, including anti-tank weapons; and, further to encourage Senators to prevail upon Senate leadership to bring up the bill during the lame duck session of Congress, which will commence on November 12 and last for about ten days.

In this same regard, to encourage Representatives to vote out of committee the analogous bill HR5190 and to bring it to a floor vote during the November session.

2.to encourage Senators to form a bi-partisan Senate Task Force on Ukraine. Simultaneously with the adoption S.2828/H.R.5190, it critically important to establish the Task Force before the end of this Congress for a number of procedural and scheduling reasons. The need for a task force is evinced by the indisputable strong bi-partisan support in both the Senate and House for Ukraine’s determination to resist Russia’s military aggression, including providing non-provocative defensive weapons to Ukraine. Such exceptional bi-partisan support is reflected in S.2828 and HR5190, as well as by the historic and rare honor bestowed on Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to address a joint Session of the US Congress. Nonetheless, the White House has continued to decline Ukraine’s request for non-provocative lethal defensive weapons. This need not be the last word.

Please write, call or email your Senators and Congressional Representative and urge them to support the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 and to work to establish a bi-partisan task force on Ukraine.

Below you will find a listing of local Senators and Representatives. Clicking on the link will take you to that Senator's or Representative's comment page where you can leave an electronic message. If you do not know who your Senator or Representative is please look at the bottom of the next page and follow the links.

Also below, you will find the text of a letter that you can use or edit to suit you and some additional language regarding assistance for Ukraine.

To see more information about the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 click here

Thank you for your efforts to help Ukraine at this critical time.

How to contact your Senators and Congressional representatives

Congressional Districts and email links to comment page

Member of Congress - District

Email comment page URL

Robert A. "Bob" Brady - PA 1


Chaka Fattah - PA 2


James "Jim" Gerlach - PA 6


Patrick Leo "Pat" Meehan - PA 7


Michael G. "Mike" Fitzpatrick - PA 8


Allyson Schwartz - PA 13


Charles W. "Charlie" Dent - PA 15


Jon Daniel Runyan - NJ 3


Rush Dew Holt, Jr. - NJ 12


John Charles Carney, Jr. - Delaware


Senator - State

Email comment page URL

Robert P. Casey Jr - PA


Pat Toomey - PA


Cory Booker - NJ


Robert Menendez - NJ


Tom Carper - DE


Christopher Coons - DE


Barack Obama



To find your congressional representatives go to:


To find your Senators go to:


Sample letter and additional language

The Honorable _________________

United States Senator (or Representative)

393 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510

November 6, 2014

Dear Senator (or Representative) _______________,

Vladimir Putin continues to defy the international community with his relentless quest to annex the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine.

The new government of Ukraine continues to fight two different wars on two fronts- rebuilding of a nation of 47 million people that has been ravaged by its corrupt former president and fighting for territorial sovereignty on its eastern border with Russia.

The US and its western allies have responded with sanctions on Russia’s financial, defense and energy sectors. Both Houses of Congress have initiated comprehensive resolutions to deal with this geopolitical crisis.

Senate Resolution 2828- the UKRAINE FREEDOM SUPPORT ACT 2014 introduced by Senators Robert Menendez and Bob Corker is supported by 47 senators. As there is a very short time to act on this resolution it is essential to form a Task Force on Ukraine to put this resolution on the floor for debate and to move it forward for a vote. Time is of the essence.

The Ad –Hoc Committee on Ukraine, a national coalition of Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian organizations, institutions and foundations was formed to assist with this effort.

The current crisis in Ukraine is of great concern to the Ukrainian American community. We thank you for your statements in support of the Ukrainian people in their quest for a European future and for your support of the proposed legislation that has been put forth to assist Ukraine during this hour of need. We respectfully ask for a brief meeting with you and several representatives of the Philadelphia-Area Chapter of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Ukraine to discuss critical points regarding the Senate resolution at a location that is convenient for you.

Respectfully yours,

Some additional language that you might use:

Despite the international outcry over the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Russia is increasing its military aggression against Ukraine, including supplying heavy and sophisticated weapons. This is not a case of Russia supporting one side in a domestic conflict. The war was initiated and is being conducted by the Russian government using Russian nationals, including military personnel. The Malaysia Airlines tragedy underscores the reality that Russia is now using the most sophisticated weaponry to attack Ukraine.

Therefore, I’m urging you to support the bi-partisan efforts for securing Major Non NATO Ally status (MNNA) for Ukraine and tougher sectoral sanctions against Russia.


I’m asking that you to support the proposal to attach the most salient portions of S-2828 (Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014) to pending legislation, especially sections that facilitate providing military assistance to Ukraine.

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