President Report Card

By Maggie Schlachter

Houston, Sam -Term 1 ~B+


When the Republic of Texas wanted to join the United States of america Sam Houston sent William H. Wharton and Memucan Hunt to the US to assure them Texas was independent from Mexico and no longer had any political relations with them.


Sam Houston kept peace between Native Americans and the Republic of Texas by, sending Charles Sims to negotiate with the Native Americans, and ordering the Texas Rangers to patrol central Texas. Even though Houston's constant desire for peace with the Native Americans was a good plan in theory, when the Cordova Rebellion broke out Houston took no actions causing Anglo Americans and Cordova's rebels to fight.


President Sam Houston did his job in trying to repay the $1.25 million the Republic of Texas owed other countries. Houston put a tariff on goods, tried to borrow money, and sent 3/4 of the Texas soldiers home, however despite his efforts the debt jumped to $2 million.

MEXICAN RIVALRY---------------C+

To improve the relationship between Texas and Mexico Sam Houston released Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, however when Santa Anna returned to Mexico a new president, Anastasio Bustamante, had taken rule. The relationship between Texas and Mexico stayed the same, despite Houston's efforts.

Lamar, Mirabeau ~C-


Mirabeau Lamar did not want Annexation, therefore he did not do anything to seek annexation into the United States.

NATIVE AMERICANS-----------------C-

President Lamar thought that conflicts with native americans needed a little force to be solved. He rejected Houston's native american peace treaty and killed many native americans.


While Lamar was president the debt raised to $8 million. Lamar's ideas were not cheap, the war with Native Americans cost $2.5 million, he also developed a new currency which quickly lost it's value dropping to only 2 cents. Lamar failed to borrow money from the United States, and he rebuilt the navy in the country's already poor financial state.

MEXICAN RIVALRY------------------C-

When Mirabeau Lamar was president he sent out the Santa Fe Expedition, to make sure that Santa Fe was part of Texas not Mexico, despite congress' decision not to launch the expedition.

Houston, Sam -Term 2 ~B-


While annexation was one of Sam Houston's main goals in his second term, this was not achieved until 1845.


Sam Houston sent representatives to Native American groups to inform them that Texas wanted peace. Houston created peace treaties with the Native Americans and by the end of his term 11 Native American groups had signed these treaties, agreeing to peace.


When president Sam Houston was president for the second time, he eliminated many government jobs to lower debt. Houston tried to sell the navy, but the citizens rejected the sale. During Houston's second term, the government only spent $500,000, however by 1846 the debt had raised to $12 million.


President Sam Houston wanted Mexico and Texas to be peaceful during his second term but Mexico sadly did not. Mexican soldiers captured San Antonio in 1842, however they soon fled back to Mexico. Sam Houston then tried to remove all archives from Austin, although the citizens thought he was trying to move the capital and blocked the Rangers from taking the archives. Later in 1842 Mexico invaded yet again, but were defeated at the battle of Salado Creek. Houston then sent 700 volunteers to remove all Mexican troops north of the Rio Grande.