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Friday, September 18, 2020 - Week Two

OSSB Panther Student Spotlight!

Tenth grade student, Garrett, has started the virtual school year with his usual style of confidence and positivity! Before school started, he voiced his excitement to begin his online classes and logged into his Google Classroom platforms. He even began a few assignments before school started so he could get ahead! Garrett has shown up for class with a great attitude and smile and has done what he needed to do get the most from his classes. It’s been a pleasure having seeing him log onto Zoom for Spanish I first thing in the morning! ~Mrs. Parrish

OSSB Delivers Food to Students across Ohio

Hi OSSB families! We were excited to be able to support week two of food deliveries. Please know that our drivers may also be dropping off additional supplies such as schoolwork to some families this week.

  • All families who live outside Franklin County should have received food on Thursday, September 17th.
  • Deliveries inside Franklin County were made on Friday, September 18th. We had a few hiccups, and any makeup deliveries will be on Monday, September 21st.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Drivers will text/knock. If you are not home, please let us know if it is ok to leave the food. We will be delivering perishable food, and must make sure you can refrigerate it ASAP.

If you had not previously requested food, but would like your child to receive weekly meals for breakfast and lunch while we are learning virtually, please text/call/email Lauri Kaplan at 614-806-2651 lkaplan@ossb.oh.gov Enjoy your weekend!

Learning about Native American Heritage with OSSB Elementary Students

We had a guest speaker, come and talk via Zoom to the elementary students and staff about Native American Heritage and culture. His talk was incredibly relevant to things going on in our climate in the United States today. Jamie Oxendine is a member of the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina with 50,000 tribe members. Mrs. Peirano's student, Lariyah, asked if we use anything today that was introduced by Native Americans?

Mr. Oxendine explained that every day, we eat things like popcorn, potatoes, pecans, cashews, turkey and tomatoes and even rootbeer - these were all indigenous to the Native Americans and given to the 'New World'! Many other items as well! ~Ms. McCumber, Elementary Teacher

Popcorn with Miss P!

Miss Patterson and Mrs. Sansone are having fun with the students in our classroom as they explore their home kitchens with virtual 'home ec' cooking! We have been learning how to make microwave popcorn! This photo shows a computer screen with an image of Syd and her mom participating in our Zoom meeting, and showing their bowl of popcorn. Yum!

Building Character through Social Emotional Learning

We have had a fun and engaging past two weeks with our students in after-school programming. Next weeks theme is all about building character. We are focusing activities around superheroes, princes, princesses and villains to lead discussions and activities on character.

We also kicked off a great first week of after school clubs. If your student is interested in joining, please click on the link below, or send me an email and I will help get them registered.

~ Mrs. Sally Williams swilliams@osdb.oh.gov

Information and Registration

Message from Mrs. Bardon

Keep up the great work everyone! Students in my ELA classes are doing so well – I am very proud of them (they’ve even shown me a few tricks, not surprisingly). #PantherPride!


CHARGE Syndrome Foundation Hosts free presentations on YouTube

The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation will be hosting a series of free presentations on their YouTube channel. All videos in the series will be posted on Saturdays. This video series will explore a variety of important topics impacting the lives of individuals with CHARGE syndrome and their families. See below for the full schedule of topics and speakers.


California School for the Blind - Beginning Braille 6 part webinar series

California School for the Blind's Beginning Braille, a 6 part webinar series for parents, caregivers, and paraprofessionals. Participants will learn alphabetic braille, numbers, basic punctuation, alphabetic word signs, and some of the most common short form words and initial letter contractions. Each lesson includes a description, examples, and independent practices with answers, using a wonderful resource, Dots for Families.

You can view the full series at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYwqRS8JwdkoW7Kp5IVHoElBAEUz-OrQb

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