S5: DiverseCulturesof SoutheastAsia

By Contessa Wilson and Trey Woodfork


Matrilineal- inheratence through the mother

Stupa- Dome shaped shrine

Paddy- fields that provided food

Geography of Southeast Asia

  • Southeast Asia is made up of two major regions.
  • Consist of 20,000 islands scattered between the Indian Ocean and South China Sea
  • The mainland is separated from the rest of Asia by mountains and high plateaus
  • Mountains also separated the four main river valleys of Southeast Asia
  • Monsoons or seasonal winds shaped trading patterns in the southern seas
  • The peoples of southeast Asia developed their own cultures before Indian or Chinese influences shaped the region

Indian Culture Spreads to Southeast Asia

  • In the early centuries A.D Indian traders settled in Southeast Asian port cities
  • Trade brought prosperity as merchants exchanged products
  • Long after Hinduism and Buddhism took root, Indians carried a third religion, Islam

New Kingdoms and Empires Emerge

  • The blend of Indian with local cultures in time produced a series of kingdoms and empires in Southeast Asia
  • Example of this is The Pagan kingdom. Arose in Irrawaddy Valley
  • The Khmer Empire reach the peak between 800 and 1350