Cortez Spy Report

From the desk of Mrs. Cortez ~Week of February 16, 2016~

Dana and Michael earned Falcon Feathers for Responsibility!

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I feel so spoiled! I loved the chocolate, gifts, and cards. My valentine's day was a special one.

Important Lower Pottsgrove Upcoming Dates

Wednesday 2/17 ~ Friday 2/26 Reading Phillies Tickets are on Sale!

Tuesday 2/23 ~ Book Swap

Friday 2/26 ~ Second Trimester Due Date for 100 Book Club

Friday 3/4 ~ Basket Bingo ~ 6:30 - 9pm


Monday - *Read 30 minutes, *Practice facts, *SL 7.3, *Word Work
Tuesday - *Read 30 minutes, *Practice facts, *SL 7.4, * Word Work
Wednesday - *Read 30 minutes, *Practice facts, *SL 7.5, *Word Work
Thursday - *Read 30 minutes, *Practice facts, *SL 7.6, *Word Work

Encore This Week

Tuesday - Day 2 - Library
Wednesday - Day 3 - Health
Thursday - Day 4 - Art
Friday - Day 5 - Music

Winter Recess Guidelines

When the temperature (with or without wind chill) is 20 degrees or lower we will hold indoor recess. If the temperature is above 20 degrees, we will hold outdoor recess that day.

Spy Kid of the Week

This week it is Dustin's turn! He will contribute to our estimation jar and have special privileges throughout the week.

W.I.P. (Work In Progress)

Check in with your child... ask how their WIP work is coming along. :)

We LOVE math!!!!

  • This week we continue in Unit 7 - Fractions & Their Uses, Chance & Probability.
  • Keep memorizing those multiplication facts! The students now each have a set of ninja multiplication cards to practice with at home and at school.

Use the link above to support your child's success as a 4th Grade Mathematician!

*Copies of ALL Study Links

*Help with 4th Grade algorithms

*Vocabulary definitions and examples

*Games that can be played at home.


1. Select Learn About Everyday Mathematics at the bottom of the screen. You do not need to sign in.

2. Select Parent Resources from the menu on the left.

3. Select Grade 4.

4. Select the Unit that we are currently studying.

5. Scroll down. You will see Vocabulary, Study Link Help, and Games

Do you need help? Be sure to see Mrs. Cortez for a recess review session on a Monday or Friday!

Language Arts

We will continue exploring non fiction informational texts and graphic organizers in our reading. Our topic will be Peregrine Falcons.

Since only a few students still need to finish typing their narrative story, we will begin our persuasive writing unit. The students will start with an on - demand letter to their parents ... "I think that we should adopt a new pet!" Prepare to be persuaded.

Word Study

Each group has their new sorts. We will continue with those this week. Tests will be on 2/19.


This week my plan is to get our science kits out and have the some fun (while learning)!
Tomorrow we will have a hands on Static Electricity lesson and a comprehension check.

Our Camp In was a SUCCESS

A big thank you to Mrs. McMorrow and Mrs. Kawczynski for these awesome pictures! We'll have to do this again as a class reward. :)