Bring Hunger to Light

A race to stop hunger in our community

Facts about the race

The race starts 4:45 and it ends when everyone is finished .This race is very important for the community and the race is so you help people in our community and while your running you can be having a good time with your family.We have decided to help the hungry because it is the right thing to do because these people have went through so much.21,000 people have died of hunger and we want to help as many people as possible so we can drop the death rate.

The 2 mile Race

Wednesday, Nov. 4th, 4:45-5:15pm

1600 Tallassee Road

Athens, GA

This event is really important to us because we love our community and the people in it and we want to keep the community and the people in it safe and healthy.This has always been important to our school because there are many people involved in this and there are a lot of kids going through it. We want to help them and their parents.The parents are always sacrificing and skipping meals.Some haven't eaten in weeks and this will help that and the parents will get to eat.

How many people die from hunger

There is a total of 75% of people that die from hunger.We want to help this rate go down to only there being a few.We also want it to go down every year so that more people are getting helped every year.

To register for this event go to:

To register go to Burney Harris Lyons Middle School. If you don't have internet or wifi you can use the website below.If you don't have internet please feel free to call BHL at the number below and ask to speak with Mrs.Smith