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Heart Disease and Diabetes are correlated

There's more to heart / cardiovascular disease than cholesterol concerns

Apart from the obvious causes of heart disease, such as smoking, sedentary life styles, improper diet, etc, high cholesterol is often portrayed as the main reason and concern given to impending heart disease. Granted there is certainly a strong correlation where high cholesterol plays it's part, however there needs clarification. There is two types of cholesterol; LDL, and HDL. High LDL levels are 'bad' and high HDL is 'good'.

So we obviously want to reduce LDL levels and increase the HDL. So is that all there is to it? Well yes and no, for this understanding sounds easy and straight forward, and indeed it can be, however most people will not achieve and maintain this without considerable lifestyle change, and herein lies the challenge.

High LDL is primarily treated with drugs and some have been found to have serious side effects, although in extremely high LDL levels these drugs can be required, they should be viewed as a short term palliative measure, whilst lifestyle and dietary changes are being undertaken.

OK, So let's keep this simple; Diet - low saturated fat, and moderately low cholesterol foods gain our priority, as does a low sugar intake, no soft drinks at all, including diet soda's, as the added aspartame is insidious in its effect on our circulatory system, are a catalyst for diabetes and there are other serious concerns related to neurological diseases as well.

Exercise; We must exercise (not strenuous if overweight or over 55 years), at least 30 mins per day, walking is best, a cyclical 3 days on, 1 day off, works well for most.

We need to also keep in mind that there is a ratio measure that can be useful and it works like this; The HDL value is equated over the LDL value. For example, if our HDL is 60 (upper range) and our LDL, is 200 (high), we can just drop the zero's, and see 6 / 20, 3+-1 this would be viewed as somewhat OK in reducing our overall cardiovascular disease risk characteristics, however it's better to lower the LDL levels while still maintaining our efforts, through diet and exercise, to keeping HDL elevated around 50+

Diabetes is also a concern where cardiovascular disease exist for both are correlated. So if our sugar levels are elevated or at pre diabetes levels, then it's also highly likely our LDL levels will be up as well.

There is much information available on heart disease and diabetes, both can be largely avoided, or at least controlled, however prevention is best. Regular check up's are important, we need to respect our body, for in doing so, our body will return same!

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Greg Gordon - Natural Therapist
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