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Recognition Newsletter October 2014


Second month into the fall catalog and you girls ROCKED it! I am glad to announce two new promotions this month to Senior Consultant!!! Congratulations Michelle Nelson and Kristen Sauerland! I am looking forward to seeing where your Thirty-One journey takes you and your teams from here!

Be sure to be checking your facebook team pages for info on upcoming facebook training events, as well as TOT's business updates. We are closing in on the last month to our catalog season and there are already items sold out or low inventory. So please double check before heading to your parties!

I love that I have been hearing from some of you with questions that occur...I am here to help so please text me or message me if you are having problems, questions, or just if you want to brainstorm an idea!

Your Director,

Michelle Holcomb

H-(814)827-1368 C-(814)657-5120 Email-

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Congrats to all you girls! Be proud of yourselves!

Startswell Earners

Level 2 - Jill Cummings

Level 4 - Jennifer Montgomery

Level 4 - Christa Baideme ***Earned all 4 Startswell Levels!!!***

The StartSwell 120-Day Incentive was created to assist you in becoming familiar and comfortable with your new business, with great rewards to help you Start off Strong!

31 Days of Cash Challenge

This incentive was fun to work towards! I do wish one of us would've received some FREE cash or the Tiffany necklace, but it is amazing that you worked hard and partied your way through to an awesome paycheck!!!

Congrats to Michelle Nelson, Christa Baideme, Allison Lingo, Jessica Fritzsche, Jennifer Montgomery & Alyssa Diehl for getting those $300+ parties entered for chances to win!!!


Congratulations to you and your up & coming Teams!!!

Michelle Nelson, Senior Consultant

Michelle's Team Members: Christa Baideme, Jill Cummings, Cheryl Hedglin, & Jamie Shoemaker

Kristen Sauerland, Senior Consultant

Kristen's Team Members: Allison Lingo & Amy Lawler

Michelle & Kristen are on the path to leadership, so proud of you both! Let's all support them on their way!!!

I want to thank everyone that has been out there working your businesses whether it's entering big parties, small parties or retail orders. We all do what we can and as long as you keep going and looking forward you will never fail!!! Congratulations to Michelle Nelson, Christa Baideme, Cheryl Hedglin, Jill Cummings, Allison Lingo, Jessica Fritzsche, Jennifer Montgomery & Alyssa Diehl! I am proud of you all for working your businesses! If your business is not were you would like it to be...let's talk and see what we can do to get you headed in the direction you want to be!

Team Stats

G0 Team Sales: $6,819.50

# of Team Parties: 12

# of Team Members: 14

Director stats:

My PV: $1,736.50

# of my parties: 2

My Commission: $434.13, but because I chose the path of leadership my income was


Senior Director stats: (Jill Holcomb)

PV: $2,860.00

# of parties: 6

Commission: $715.00 because she chose the path of leadership her income was $2,005.20.

This is not to impress you, just to show you how the path of leadership can help. Thanks to you all!

If you would like to see more info regarding the career path and responsibilities check out TOT @ today!

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