June @ Springfield

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Spotlight on June

We've reached the last month of the 2021-22 school year at Springfield Elementary. Check out all of the happenings at our school and be sure to mark your calendars for the events detailed in our June newsletter!
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The Official Last Day of School!

Please make note that the official last day of school is Monday, June 20th. As a reminder, our district calendar is built with three make up days to account for emergency closings. This year we only used two of these days, so barring any unforeseen issues that require an emergency closing we'll hit the 181 student day mark on the 20th and then our kiddos are off to summer adventures!

As indicated on the district calendar, the final three days of school - June 16, June 17, & June 20 - are all early dismissal days (1:20) for students.

June Dates to Remember

  • June 1 - Grade Four Trip to Washington’s Crossing

  • June 3 - Field Day

  • June 6 - Grade Three Trip to Poricy Park

  • June 10 - Grade Two Trip to Fernbrook Farms Environmental Education Center

  • June 13 - Kindergarten Trip to Johnson's Locust Hall Farm

  • June 14 - Flag Day

  • June 14 - H&S Association Meeting

  • June 16 - School Pizza Party

  • June 16 - 20 - Early Dismissal for Students

  • June 17 - Grade Six Graduation Ceremony

  • June 20 - Last Day of School

  • June 21 - Board of Education Meeting

  • June 27 - July 15 - Extended School Year Program

Student Dress Code Policy

As we head into the warmer weather days, please be sure that your child is adhering to our district dress & grooming policy (Policy 5511). It is important that students understand the full policy, with the following components being of significance during the warmer days:

  • Apparel shall not be tight fitting, sheer, brief, low-cut, or revealing above or below the waist (i.e. low hanging pants) as to be embarrassing or indecent.
  • Half shirts, tube tops, open arm holes, "spaghetti straps" or bare-shouldered tops are not permitted, nor are articles of clothing intended to be worn as undergarments (such as pajamas, etc.). Tank tops are permissible; however, arm hole openings must not be excessively loose (in excess of one inch from the underarm).
  • Short shorts and short skirts are not permitted. Appropriate length can be determined by placing arms dangling by sides of the body; if the skirt/shorts are shorter than the longest finger, they are too short.
  • Clothing with holes or rips in the back is not allowed; however, clothing with holes or rips is permissible under the following circumstances:
  • Holes or rips in the hip and/or thigh area are permissible only when skin is not visible above where the students longest finger is situated when arms are at his/her sides (students must wear an additional layer, such as “biker” shorts or yoga-style pants, under the ripped clothing for any area above the placement of the longest finger as referenced above)
  • Holes at or below the knee are permissible so long as the clothing does not create a safety hazard for the student (i.e. ripped cuffs that may present a tripping hazard).
  • Beach/shower (flip-flops) type of footwear and non-strapped sandals (sandals lacking a strap across the back of the heel)are prohibited due to safety concerns on the playground equipment and stairs.
  • In all cases where a pupil's appearance is questionable, the Superintendent/or designee will evaluate and make the final decision.

Addressing Gun Violence & School Shootings

The tragedy that took place in Uvalde, Texas leaves many parents/guardians searching for guidance on how to appropriately discuss events like this with their children. In response to this, Dr. Nicole Lipkin - Psychologist & Founder of HeyKiddo - has provided a brief blog post with tips to assist with these difficult conversations: https://hey-kiddo.com/blog/talking-to-kids-about-gun-violence-and-school-shootings/

School safety and security has and will continue to be a priority at Springfield Elementary. We have made tremendous strides in enhancing the security of our building over the years; this includes working with a security vendor to complete comprehensive threat assessment, the installation of our security vestibule in the main entrance, use of proximity cards for school access by staff only, installation of impact resistant film protecting all glass doors, transoms, and inserts, the use of lockdown shades on all interior doors, gates that close off our bus loop from unwanted vehicle traffic during the school day, and a 16-camera interior / exterior surveillance system. We've also done tremendous work towards increasing our awareness and understanding of the importance of mental health through professional development and school-based programs, with the goal that we are better equipped to recognize warning signs and provide students with the help they need to prevent tragic events from occurring. Please know that your child's safety is of utmost importance, and the work we've done and continue to do is part of our proactive and vigilant approach to school safety and security.

Notification of Security Drills

New Jersey recently passed a law requiring that schools notify families following the completion of security drills. Our school completes a monthly security drill - including, but not limited to, lockdown drills, evacuation drills, and shelter-in-place drills - and will provide an email detailing the day, time, and participants of each monthly drill following its completion.
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H&S Executive Board Member Positions

The H&S Association has four vacant positions available for next year's fundraising team. If you are interested in lending your time and talents to this important H&S responsibility, please come to the June meeting on the 14th to sign up.

June H&S Association Meeting

Tuesday, June 14th, 7pm

2146 Jacksonville Jobstown Road

Springfield, NJ

Don't miss the final H&S Association meeting of the school year. During the June meeting, H&S Officers for the 22-23 school year will be selected so please join the meeting to cast your vote for these important positions.

Can't attend the meeting in-person? Join virtually via Zoom by clicking here.

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H&S Association's School Pizza Party

Our H&S Association is serving up slices of pizza for the whole school on Thursday, June 16th! Students will still have the option to order the regular lunch entree or alternate entree from our cafeteria, or they may bring their own lunch from home.


Do you like to shop online? If so, be sure to first link to your favorite online retailers via schoolstore.com. Our H&S Association receives a percentage back based on purchases, so just one extra click means extra funds for our students!
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New Jersey WIC

The New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women Infants and Children is commonly known as WIC. WIC is a successful public health nutrition program that provides wholesome food, nutrition education and community support for income eligible women who are pregnant and post-partum, infants and children up to five years old. To carry out this mission, WIC:

  • Provides health and nutrition screenings for early identification or treatment of existing risk factors that contribute to poor growth rates in infants and children, poor pregnancy outcomes and poor health and nutrition status.
  • Refers program participants to needed health care, social and other community services for health protection.
  • Conducts nutrition/health counseling designed to improve dietary habits and eliminate or reduce risk factors. The counseling is provided in both individual and peer/group sessions.
  • Issues food vouchers containing supplemental foods with essential nutrients found to be deficient or lacking in their diets (the food vouchers are redeemable at approved retail stores in New Jersey).

To find out if you are eligible, and to make an appointment, call the Burlington County WIC Program at 609-267-4304.

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Burlington County homeowners impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic may be eligible for mortgage and utility assistance. If you are interested in this program, fill out the preliminary application at: https://tfaforms.com/4913684
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Birthday Treats!

As we close in on the end of the school year, don't forget that birthday treats are available for purchase through our cafeteria and will be served to students during lunch periods (due to health & safety precautions, we are currently not allowing outside snacks to be sent in and served). Order forms for birthday treats can be downloaded via the attachment at the bottom of this newsletter.

June 2022 Lunch Menu

Please note that the attached lunch menu for this month incorrectly shows that the last day of school is Tuesday, June 21st. As a reminder, the last day of school is Monday, June 20th!