April 2014

Through the Years

Each third grader used Dropbox to access his/her photos from each of their years at CHS. Those photos were saved to the camera roll and then accessed through the Book Creator app. Book Creator was used to make a page for each year and add a picture from that class. Our next step was to add a voice over of a favorite memory. Some third graders chose to illustrate their memory as well. Final books have been shared through Dropbox and opened with sound in iBooks!

State Books

Each second graders has used World Almanac Online to locate pictures of state facts and save to the camera roll. The app Book Creator was used to make a book and import pictures from the camera roll. Yesterday, students dictated information about the facts. Final state books have been shared through Dropbox and opened with sound in iBooks.

First Graders in Mexico

After studying facts about Mexico through World Explorer, students shared facts with each other as they were recorded on the SMART board. In keeping with the Spanish language, students worked to color a mosaic by following a paint by number activity with Spanish colors.

Farm Animals

Each kindergartner drew a farm animal in it's typical setting. When the animal and setting were completed, students composed a fact about the animal. The last step was for each Kindergartner to use his/ her voice to say the fact into VoiceThread. The compiled slides will be shared with parents later today!