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What is a School Administrator?

Behind every school is a team of hardworking administrators who oversee everything from curriculum development to budgets to discipline. They manage the overall operation of schools, also including building maintenance and cafeteria services. In addition, they set and oversee academic standards and ensure that teachers have the tools and resources such as training, necessary to meet these standards.

Head Administrators

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Before taking the role of being an administrator, what career did you have and what activities did you participate and/or sponsor?

  • Mrs. Jimenez-Hernandez: "I went to college to be a business manager, only to come back to Eagle Pass and not find a job. During January of 1993, there was a opening for a teaching job, i took it. I got hired as a teacher and because of this I went to back to school and got Masters Degree in Education. And I continued to teach for 5 years at the elementary level."
  • Mrs. Jimenez: "In high school i was a tutor. Then when my two kids were born I was a house wife for two years. I became a secretary and In take for six years, what i did then was take in kids to court. After that, I was a Teacher aid at E.P.J.H. and at Memorial J.H. Did that during the day and during the night I would study for my college. Then i worked in the Language Arts department for 7th and 8th grades for 10 years then became the Dean of Instructions for C.C. Winn.
  • Mr. Diaz:" I was an Engineer for an Oil Company in South America. I joined Head Quarters for that company for 11 years. When i was done with that job i came to the U.S. I taught Math for another 11 years, taught all courses in the Math department. Also I sponsored in NHS for 3 years. Then i became an administrator.
  • Mr. Benavides: "For hand, I was a teacher in Social Study, because i always liked history. Since i was a little boy i admired History, so i got my masters in history. Then I became an Administrator here at C.C. Winn.
  • Mr. Uriegas: "I taught Language Arts for six graders at Sam Huston Elementary. I sponcered Student Council, Worked with UIL Calculator. Coached in Football and basketball.

As an administrator, what exactly are you in charge of?

  • Mrs. Jimenez-Hernandez: "As a administrator I am in charge of a students attendance, I am also in charge of credit appeal such as super Saturdays"
  • Mr. Mendoza:" My primary role is discipline. In addition to evaluating teachers, i am also in charge of meeting parents when we have problems.
  • Mrs. Jimenez:" As a dean of instruction I am in charge of curriculum and instruction, teacher training, and staff development. I am also in charge of the E.S.O students. When those students arrive, testing them, and monitoring their progress. I am the one who organizes the Parental Involvement nights. I arrange the leadership meetings. Also the after school tutorial program. I am in charge of the E.S.O. tutors on campus which we have one for every subject. I oversee the Gear Up activities that are being done, so i am close to Mr. Ramirez and Mrs. Ramirez. Also I am in charge of the Individual Graduation Committee. I determine weather the students are eligible to graduate. I monitor the traffic like the parents coming in and having questions or concerns. I also am open for any students that have problems or just need to talk, they can come to me.
  • Mr. Diaz:" As the school principal, I am in charge of everything, like Dicipline, testing, curriculum, and maintaining facilities. I over see all of the activities, the budget, parental involvement nights, technology.
  • Mr. Benavides:" i am in charge of the testing department, keeping track of the students that are testing and the testing inventory.
  • Mr. Uriegas: " I am in charge of the Technology on campus. I am also in charge of the teachers absences and duty, the teachers need to report to me when they are going to be absent. I am also in charge of the budget for the technology.

Are there important events coming up?

  • Mr. Mendoza:" As of now we have the E.O.C. testings. We are also working on making a pudding green, and a pudding pad for the golf team. On side of that, we are working on the Auditorium, we just finished painting it and now we are waiting on putting a new carpet in it. Also I am monitoring the students who are cleaning up the back area of the school, which gets muddy."
  • Mrs. Jimenez:" Christmas is an important event. We have testing in the spring, the State Assessments in March, April, and May. We have the TELPAS and ESL testing. We have Banquets in the Spring. Graduation, and of course who can forget the Prom."
  • Mr. Diaz: " We have testing for E.O.C. and Pre A.P. We also have the final exams in the classes. Also the Basketball season is coming up"
  • Mr. Benavides: As of now, there is no important events coming up as of now because this past week
  • Mr. Uriegas:" Christmas! Who doesn't love the holidays. Basketball season is coming up for boys and girls. The band got its Solo competition so that was a great event for the band. The UIL competitions are going on around state and academics.
School Administrators Prepare for a New School Year

School Administrator Requirements

Requirements for school administrator vary based on school policies and state regulations.To enter this profession you need:

  • Master's in Teaching
  • Previous of teaching experience
  • A school administration license
  • Attend a training to become an administrator
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