Free Travel in Ireland

While I was in Ireland over free travel I was shocked how nice the Irish people are. On multiple occasions while eating in a restaurant random people would just come up and ask us where we were from. Not only were they nice, but they were very polite. Every Irish person I talked to wanted us to make sure that they weren't trying to be rude, but they were just curious where we were from and what we were doing. Our tour guide in Dublin told us that Irish people do that and we are the weird ones if we don't respond. Another occasion was when we were hiking the Giants Causeway and two Irish men were working there to make sure no one slipped on the rocks. I was walking up the rocks and he cautioned me to be careful. I said thank you and he just struck up a conversation with me. We probably talked for a couple minutes before he apologized for holding me up. I really enjoyed my conversations in Ireland and it made me wish it was like that in the States.