The Northeast


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Northeast and There Geography

The landscape varies from the rocky coast of New England to fertile farm land. There are also a lot of cliffs that go hundreds of feet above the ocean in Maine.

Natural Resources

The Northeast has many natural resources.

They use there resources more many different things.

Some of the resources include maple syrup,iron ore,lumber,granite and much more.


The Northeast has a lot of good food. They have many different kinds of food the many different people like. People like lobster and Boston baked beans. Other people like Newport clam chowder and New York cheesecake. There are many different foods in the northeast

The Northeast Region of the US

Arts and Recreation

In the Northeast, there are many things to do. People go through out the whole region to do many things. People go to New York to see broadway shows, Statue of Liberty, and many other things. People can also see whale watching,biking, and much more. There are many things to do in the northeast.


There are many jobs you can have in the Northeast. You can work in the Empire State Building or in Maine across the region. Many jobs are firefighters,operators,and surgeons. Maybe other people might want to works as highway workers. Many jobs are in the Northeast.

Famous People

There are many famous people in the northeast but here are four that we found the best. Famous people in the northeast include John F Kennedy, famous for being president, Larry Bird, famous for being a nba athlete, Will Smith, famous for his acting, and also Dr.Seuss, a famous book author.

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Fun Facts

1. The Northeast is the wealthiest region of all of the regions.

2. The Northeast is the smallest region.

3. The Northeast has the highest population.

4. New York is the biggest city in the United States.

5. The smallest state (Rhode Island) is in the northeast.

What They Grow

In NorthEast region they grow lots of plants to eat. Some of those plants are beets, rhubarb, carrots, spinach, and kale.


The climate in the northeast can be similar to some and different to others. In the water there is a lot of snow but in the summer it can get really hot. In the winter snow can get to 100 in in upstate New York. There are very warm summers in the northeast as well. The climate in the Northeast is kinda similar to Chelsea.