How to take care of your pets

A guide to smore

What should you do?

By using smore, you and your group will create a flyer to talk about your assigned pets.

Remember to keep texts short and consice, to include images and be creative.

Information you MUST include:

- Diet: what should and what shouldn't this pet eat?

- Habits: what are this pet's favotite activities? What time does it go to sleep?

- Curiosity: include a curious fact about this pet. (Be fun!)

You can add as many resources as you like

Embbed videos. Use your stories. Post your position paper.

Remember to include the content of your "To Do List".

Use the bio to talk about your group!

Present yourselves and the project you are working on.

Example: We are Maria, Renato and Flávia, 8th grade students at Escola Estadual Fulano de Tal. This project was developed as task for the webquest "How to take care of your pets" by Professors Áurea, Heidi and Veridiana.