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This Week in Review

The holiday excitement and our energy is starting to build. One more week to work hard and stay focused. This week we continued to strive for the best, we learned about slow changes to the earth by weathering, erosion, and deposition. We read 5 Trickster Tales and observed its elements that we will use in creating our own Trickster Tale. We discussed how to be the best you everyday and how to put your best foot forward.

Blue Bonnet Stomp

Our wonderful PTA hosted our first annual Blue Bonnet Stomp. Students threw their seeds into the wind and stomped them into the earth to begin their growth cycle. We can't wait to see the pretty sea of blue in the spring.

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District Benchmark Assessments

The 4th grade will be taking the Math and Language Arts District Benchmark Assessments in the upcoming week. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice our testing rituals and routines in preparation for the STAAR tests at the end of the year. We have talked about how important a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast is for our brain. Please remind your students it is important to stay focused during this time. We hope to complete our mandatory work at the beginning of the week so we will have time to do fun holiday activities at the end of the week.

Upcoming Events

Dec 14-17: District Benchmarks; We are thrilled to show how hard the students have been working this year!

Dec 16: College T-shirt Day

Dec 18: Cosmos T-shirt Day, Holiday Party 1pm-2pm!

December 21-January : Winter Break

Group Gathering Guest Speaker

This Friday we had the opportunity to spend time talking with Nadis' Dad, Mr. Halm. Mr. Halm shared with us his passion for changing the world for the better. The message today was about how we can do something small everyday that makes a big difference. "It's the small things, not the huge things," explained Mr. Halm. We learned about the negative effects plastic water bottles have on our Earth. It was impressive to see our students use what they are learning in Science, like the water cycle, to connect back to real life experiences when speakers visit. We have a few 4th graders who may be asking Santa for a reusable water bottle this year.

Check out the video we watched today: http://storyofstuff.org/movies/story-of-bottled-water/

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