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Nov 1, 2019 Vol. 5

Principal's Community Message: November

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Embrace Your Journey!

By Brandon Bakke

“Four years ago I never would have believed I’d be going to college.” Senior Francis Bernarte was glowing as he shared his story a few weeks ago with a room full of architects, engineers, and designers who are working on the Fife STEAM Center (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) which will begin construction this coming summer. Francis is a student representative on a committee currently designing this building. Francis is truly a remarkable person. Four years ago, he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life; he is now an honor student who is well on his way to being one of the first in his family to attend college next year.

Pende Kambale (pictured) came to Washington State on April 17th 2014 at 11:00PM. She knows the exact day and time because it was a long and challenging journey she will never forget. Pende was forced to leave her home in the Democratic Republic of Congo which was torn apart by war and violence. People in her family lost their lives, including her father, and as a refugee she had many stops along the way before finally getting to Washington. Despite not knowing English when she arrived, Pende will also be graduating this spring and plans to attend college next year to become a social worker. Why social work? So she can help other refugees during such a hard time in their lives!

Junior Faualo admittedly didn’t have it figured out in middle school. “I really didn’t apply myself, I honestly didn’t care about my academics, but this all changed during my junior year in high school. I am 100% headed to college next year. This is the bar that I have set for my life, and I am thankful for the Fife community keeping me focused. I know the odds are stacked against me. I am the youngest of seven children, and nobody in my family has ever gone to college, but I’ve reached a place in my life where that fuels me to achieve.”

All three of these students are a part of Fife’s first class that has gone through the AVID program. AVID, which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a college-readiness program designed to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in college as well as assist them in navigating the steps it takes to get there.

I hear stories like these weekly. Fife is blessed with students who have overcome much adversity while out-performing what the “odds” say they should be able to accomplish. These are students who demonstrate the daily commitment inside and outside the classroom. They do this in spite of challenges that most of us couldn’t fathom when growing up.

The real gift for Francis, Pende, and Junior, however, is their journey, the road they have traveled to this point that really makes them who they are and has allowed them to become laser-focused on their goals. Their respective journeys have also allowed them to develop a keen sense of humility and appreciation for people who have helped them along the way, people who have shown them that there are not many challenges in life that they can’t overcome.

On the wall in my office is a saying: Embrace Your Journey. It is there to remind me that I, too, am the result of the many pit stops, peaks, and potholes along life's pathway-a reminder that the person I am is, in large part, a result of many different people who have taught me, encouraged me, and challenged me to become the best version of myself. It is a reminder that while I might not have understood the importance of the journey at the time, I need to be thankful for it!

So, Fife, I encourage you to embrace your journey! Don’t get so caught up in your destination that you forget to embrace the road you are traveling, especially when that road feels like it's going uphill. That is when the real and future you is being formed. The amazing, beautiful, and uniquely-special you!

Fife At A Glance

Winter Athletic Start Dates, Get Cleared by Nov 15!!

Winter Athletes must get cleared in Family ID by Nov 15 in order to try out on the first day. Please follow this link: Family ID


  • Basketball, Boys; November 18
  • Basketball, Girls; November 18
  • Swim, Boys; November 18
  • Wrestling, Boys & Girls; November 18
2019 Food Drive

Food Drive Begins!

Check out the trailer above!

The annual Fife High Food Drive begins Nov 4th through November 22nd. There has never been a bigger need in our community, so we hope you will get involved. This is a competition between 2nd period classes, which includes prizes and awards for the top three classes.

Of special note, all classes will receive “DOUBLE” points toward their overall total for

whatever they turn in on DAY 1(11/4) of the Food Drive. ASB will also provide 4 Dozen

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to the class that collects the most items on DAY 1.

Cash donations also accepted and count toward the class totals!

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Fife Seniors Participate in Town Hall Meeting

With election season underway, a few weeks ago 150 of our seniors got registered to vote thanks to the Social Studies Department and the League of Women's Voters, who partnered to help make possible this important step in our students lives. Seniors then got a taste of democracy when local candidates from Edgwood, Fife, and Milton came to FHS on Friday 10/25 to speak about their candidacies and local issues.
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Trojan TV: October

Every few weeks Trojan Digital Media produces a news variety show called, "Trojan TV." It is the work of our students in the broadcasting program. This is the main source of Trojan student driven news at FHS. The show is usually around 20 minutes long. If you have a little time, check it out!
October TTV 2019
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FFA Holiday Fundraiser Wreath Sale!

Fife FFA is partnering with Sterino Farms to sell decorated Holiday Wreaths to raise money for barn supplies!

For more information or fill out an order form, go to:

$20 For a plain wreath with pinecones

$25 For a wreath with a decorative bow, pine cones, and holiday decor!

Holiday Poinsettia Sale to Support Fife Scholarships!

Order Deadline is NOVEMBER 8 to purchase a Holiday Poinsettia, proceeds go to funding scholarships for our Fife seniors! Click on LInk to purchase on-line and for details!
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Construction Update

Many of you are aware that Fife High School is preparing for construction of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, Math) facility. Design work has been going since last year, and we are scheduled to begin construction this summer.

As a part of the bond that voters passed, Fife high school is also getting building upgrades and repairs. Added security features will be going in, as well as needed repairs to the exterior walls for buildings that have "stucco." This work began on Monday 10/21 on the gym facility, and will continue throughout the school year. Other then some occasional noise from construction, and some displaced parking spots, we don't anticipate any major disruption to the school year this year.

Look Ahead Preview

Note: only home athletic events listed

10/31 - Thursday-Schedule B

  • Flex

11/01 - Friday-Schedule B

  • 7PM Football Playoff Home vs Clover Park

11/04 - Monday-Schedule A

  • Food Drive begins

  • Soccer Playoff TBD

11/05 - Tuesday-Schedule B

  • Family

  • College Financial Planning Wksp @ CJH 6pm

11/06 - Wednesday-Schedule B

  • End Qtr 1

  • Flex

11/07 - Thursday-Schedule B

  • Flex

11/08 - Friday-Schedule B

11/11 - Monday-No School - Veteran’s Day

11/12 - Tuesday-Schedule B

  • Veteran’s Assembly 9:30am (during flex)
  • Winter Sport Parent Meeting: 6-7PM in the small gym

Coming Events

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Winter Sport Parent Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 12th, 6-7pm

Fife High Gym

For each winter sport athlete at least one parent or family Representative should attend this meeting.
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Good To Know Info

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Raising of the ESPN Unified Champion School Banner

Past Principal's Messages

Want to catch up on some past Principal's Messages from Mr. Bakke? Follow this Link...

Parking Info

Unfortunately Fife HS has a limited amount of parking passes available for students. They go on sale during Trojan Days, and once they sell out we can no longer offer parking. This is not a unique problem to Fife, but one that is frustrating for sure. This year we will be able to create some additional spots in February. In an effort to provide students with equal opportunity to get a parking spots, we will be implementing a raffle drawing for anyone who submits their request for a spot. Eligible students must have a drivers licence or have obtained a drivers licence before May. We will begin taking names of interested students in January with the drawing to be held soon after... so be listening for updates on this as the new year approaches.
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New: Online Payment Option

Finally our online Webstore is available! You can make purchases and pay fees/fines for your student at your convenience. Click the link below to access the Webstore.

Get Involved with the Fife High School Booster Club!

Click here to learn more about how you can get involved with the Fife High School Booster Club!

Weighted GPA begining with the class of 2022? What is that all about?

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