American Life in the 1800's

the rich and poor

Work Life of the poor

Working conditions were very bad for the poor, they worked for very little pay. The physical conditions were even worse, where there were no working regulations and inspections. There was dirt everywhere and it was extremely crowded. Carnegie gave his workers one day off and that was the Fourth of July. For the rest of the year they worked like draft animals.

Work life of the rich

Most of the rich didn't really work. There are a select few like Carnegie and Rockefeller who started out poor and very unfortunate. But in the years to come they build huge million dollar empire, from steel and oil. They treat there workers badly with little pay and barely let them have time off. The rich most of the time choose the easy and less dirty road by building monopoly's to shut other businesses out of business. A monopoly is a company that gets their money by taking all the sales from other companies so there is no competition.
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housing of the poor

the houses of the poor were very bad. They live in tenements, which are very similar to apartments. But they thing is, there are 4-8 people living in a single room tenement with almost no space to dry clothes so that's why they set up clothes lines outside stringing from building to building

housing of the rich

Many of the rich people that directed industries, lived in very very large houses. Such as Carnegie who used his money to build and buy houses for his relatives.
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leisure activities of the poor

They played a lot of games for the kids, such as kick the can. The adults often drink wine or whiskey for leisure activities.
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leisure activities for the rich

The rich often went to balls and party's. The children mostly just played games and played with each other just with more expensive toys and in big houses.
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