The Shisher

Leprechaun Trap (patent pending)

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Are you hungry but can't make something to eat because of those pesky leprechauns? Well your in luck with this leprechaun trap shish kabob maker. You can kill to birds with one stone with this trap. You can get this for just 3 easy payments of $7.33, but wait if you call int the next 73 minutes you will get a free bib that says bye bye leprechaun.

How it works

This trap works with two simple machines a lever and a pulley. When the leprechaun steps on the lever there is a rope that the leprechaun will pull. When he pulls this rope a rock will fall down and launch the leprechaun into a giant pit with tooth picks at the bottom.

Things you need

All you need is a sign that says "don't pull" , a shiny lever, a rope, a wood board, a wooden log, a big rock and a pit with toothpicks at the bottom.
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Simple Machine

In this trap there are 2 simple machines, one of them is a pulley. The pulley keeps the rope suspended off the ground. The next is a lever this drops the rock to fling the leprechaun.