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  • they mainly ate pork that was cooked in salt, vinegar, and blood.
  • Religion-the religion of Sparta was polytheism
  • some gods were Zeus, Poseidon, and Hestia
  • Schooling for boys they were taught how to defend themself, they were trained to kill, one of the things they would do is to put their kids on pillars and whipped until one of them passed out.
this is a stadium where the spartans watched fights. mainly between slaves, men, and or lions and leopards.
this is a map of Sparta

lmportant places

  • there were many important places in Sparta.
  • Lakonia (Laconia)was the place where a big war happened.
  • Thermopylae- it was another place where a great war happened where sparta lost its foot soldiers

important battles

  • Messenian was the battle of Arcadian the outcome was they won the battle.
  • Thermopylae which they lost all the foot soldiers to the persian empire but the greek navy came in and they won the war.
  • The Battle of Plataea was the final battle during the second Persian invasion of Greece that they won
  • The Ionian or Decelean War-was the war between sparta and athens the outcome was sparta won and they got a bigger army and navy.

this is the ancient ruins of the temples were they worshiped
this is a battle scene

5 interesting fact

  • They had boot camps that kids ended up killing each other.
  • Sparta was a main city-state with alot of power.
  • It became a truly dominant force in about 650 BC.
  • Spartan warriors were thought to be the best ground troops in all of Ancient Greece.
  • Sparta was in command of the entire Greek army.


  • Monarchical- Two kings, that inherited the throne, one from each of the kings and royal families, had the ability and the power to make war.

  • Oligarchic- The kings were automatic members of the government, the council of 28 elders picked for life plus the two kings. Five people that shard the power with the king, chosen annually by popular election, they had the main power.

  • Democratic- The final component was the assembly, made up of all young spartans over 18.

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The Peloponnesian War - Song from
this is a battle with sparta.