Mrs. Foulk's News


Terrarium Supplies

We will be making terrariums during our current Science unit of Ecosystems. I have a list of things that we will need in order to complete these. Please use the link below to sign up to donate some of the items. Whatever is not donated by March 5th I will purchase. We will begin creating them the week of March 9th.

Important Dates:

March 2nd-6th- Spirit Week (see attached flyer)

March 5th- Camp Read (5:30-7:30)

March 13th- End of 3rd Quarter

Subject Update:

Math- Word Problems Involving Elapsed Time

Science- Students will be researching a specific Ecosystem. They will be creating a visual aide to "teach" the rest of the class about their Ecosystem.


Writing- Our new writing unit will involve students observing and noting what goes into the "Narrative Nonfiction" genre.

Math Activities

Kahoot!!! (Ask your 3rd grader about it....they had a blast.)

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