October 2015

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Upcoming Events

*Please remember Early Dismissal is EVERY Wednesday at 2:30


  • 1st--EXTREME TEAM at MSE, 8:30 a.m.
  • 6th--Picture Retakes
  • Annual Fall Festival, 5-6:30pm
  • 16th--First Quarter Ends
  • 17th--Education Foundation Art Auction, 6-10 p.m.
  • 19th-22nd--Parent Teacher Conferences (schedule time with your child's teacher)
  • 19th-22nd--Fall Book Fair
  • 21st--Drive One for Buddy Bags, 3:00-7:00 p.m.
  • 26TH--Fundraiser Delivery--starting at 3:30-6 p.m.
  • 30th--Classroom Halloween Parties *Party schedule will be sent out closer to this date.
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Mrs. Holthaus, Principal

Has your son or daughter been telling you about new activities that they are doing in their classrooms? Are they more excited about being engaged in the lessons? Are they wondering why their classroom looks different this year. If so, it is likely that what your child is talking about is Kagen Structures.

In traditional classrooms when a teacher asks a question only one or maybe two students get to share the answer. Following this format, only a few of the students are actively engaged in learning. The other students are often tuned out or only marginally participating in the learning activity. In a classroom using Kagen Structures, most of the students have the opportunity to interact with the learning. This keeps them engaged in the lesson.

There are many Kagen Structures. Learning these structures is like learning the rules to a game. After the student has learned the Kagen Structure they are able to use this structure in multiple learning environments. When teachers use these structures, they make a profound difference in the way students participate, how they interact, how they treat each other, and how much they learn.

Teachers using Kagen Structures have noticed changes in the culture of their classroom. They notice that students take delight in and help create the success of others. The structures hold all students accountable for the information. Because all students are participating in the lesson, there is no opportunity to hide from being engaged in learning. These structures also provide all students the opportunity to participate equally.

Many Main Street Elementary teachers spent some of their summer hours attending trainings and workshops to learn about these structures. They recognize the benefits of engaging students in learning and have begun to share this success with other teachers in the building. It is powerful to walk into a classroom and see every child in the room actively taking part in learning.

So when your child is talking about what sounds like games in the classroom such as Pair/Share, RallyRobin, and Sage & Scribe, what they are really telling you is that they were actively engaged in learning.

Have a Great Fall,

Mrs. Holthaus, Principal

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Kindergarten Trip to Pumpkins Galore!

Friday, Oct. 16th, 9:15am-1:45pm

South Stringtown Road

Wright City, MO

  • What to Bring: Students will need a disposable sack lunch (no lunchboxes) and drink with students name already labeled. No peanut butter or tree nuts, please.
  • Cost: $6.00 per child due by October 9
  • What to wear: Tennis shoes, light jacket
  • Volunteers with a background check are needed *See below for link to background and volunteer forms

Drive One 4 Buddy Bags

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 3-7pm

1464 Boone Street

Troy, MO

Stop by for a quick test drive and help earn up to $6,000 for the Buddy Bag Program!

All we need is for you to go to Boone/Lincoln, fill out a form, test drive a Ford vehicle around the building one time and Ford will give $20 to Buddy Bags for every test drive up to $6,000. (You must be 18 to drive.)

We need 300 people to come out and support Buddy Bags on October 21st!

Counselors' Corner

We will be starting Small Group Counseling this month. If you are interested in your child participating and have not returned the permission form please give us a call! We have a wide range of topics, such as grief support, anger management, social skills, and family transitions.

This year Main Street Elementary will celebrate Red Ribbon Week during Oct. 26th-30th, 2015.

Red Ribbon Week (RRW) is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. Red Ribbon Week serves as a vehicle for communities and individuals to begin with the end in mind and take a stand for the hopes and dreams of our children. This is a time to discuss drug prevention and education and for everyone to make a personal commitment to live drug free lives with the ultimate goal being the creation of drug free America.

Red Ribbon Week was started to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice made by DEA Special Agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, who died at the hands of drug traffickers in Mexico while fighting the battle against illegal drugs to keep our country and children safe.

Conference Tips

Whether your child is doing well in school or struggling, a conference is an important way to touch base with his/her teacher. This year’s conferences will be held during the week of October 19th – October 22nd. Here’s how to be proactive and make the most of your meeting:

●● Write down questions for the teacher ahead of time. To come up with your list, think about each subject (“Is Amelia reading at grade level?”) as well as social skills and behavior (“Is she making friends?”).

●● Carry a pen and notepad to take notes during the conference to write down information and ideas for helping him/her at home (“Board games can teach math facts!”).

●●Be on time—the teacher will be meeting with many parents and conferences are usually scheduled back-to-back. Also, consider swapping babysitting with another parent so you can attend without your younger children.♥


Lincoln County Adopt-A-Family

Adopt-a-Family is a community program centered around helping families, who, due to their circumstances, are in need of basic household items, clothing, hygiene products, and Christmas gifts for members of their family.

If you feel your family is in need of this program & would like more information, you may contact Harvester Christian Church at 636-528-0566 ext. 149, or by email at LINCOLNADOPTAFAMILY@GMAIL.COM. You will have to apply in person at the Harvester Troy Campus, be a resident of Lincoln County, provide required documentation at the interview, and interview in person. Applications will be accepted and interviews will be conducted on the following dates October 9th, 10th, 30th, and 31st. Distribution of items will be on December 19th.

Habits at Home

Habit 2—Begin With the End in Mind

Begin With the End in Mind means to think about how you would like something to turn out before you get started. Reading a recipe before cooking or looking at a map before leaving on a trip is beginning with the end in mind. For young children, a good example is that of a jigsaw puzzle. Before doing a puzzle, they look at the cover of the box. They start with the end in mind.

Family Mission Statement

A family mission statement is like a constitution your family lives by that helps you all make decisions for your life. It represents the purpose and values of your family, and will allow you to shape your future according to the principles you as a family hold most dear, rather than letting other people or circumstances determine it. Mission statements take many forms. Some are long and some are short. They may take form as a saying or phrase, a picture, a poem, or even a song. Make it personal to your family.

Get started by following these steps:

1. Discuss the following questions with your family:

What does our family want to be known for? How do we treat each other? What unique contributions can we make? What big goals do we want to achieve? What unique talents and skills do we have?

2. Brainstorm ideas, words, and phrases to include in the mission statement. Remember, no idea is a bad idea.

3. Begin crafting your statement, but remember, it doesn’t have to be finished in one sitting. It can be a work in progress until you are all happy with the outcome.

4. Post the statement prominently in your home and encourage the entire family to consider it when making decisions or having disputes.

Here are some sample statements:

We want to be the kind of family our dog already thinks we are.

The mission of our family is to create a nurturing place of order, love, happiness, and relaxation, and to provide opportunities for each person to become responsibly independent and effectively interdependent, in order to achieve worthwhile purposes.

No empty chairs.

Younger-Child Activities

1. Habit 2 provides a good base for activities around goal setting. As a family (or with an individual child), choose an area that needs improvement. The area of improvement, or the broad goal, becomes your end in mind. Then think of specific steps that will lead to achieving this goal. For example, if the goal is to improve as a reader, specific steps may include reading a certain amount of time every day or working several times a week to improve oral fluency.

2. Ask your child if there is something special he or she would like to buy, then help your child plan how much money he or she will need to save and how long it will take. Discuss ideas for earning extra money like doing additional chores and helping around the house.

3. Create a “wants” and “needs” collage with your child. Cut out pictures of various items (toys, candy, vegetables, cleaning supplies, appliances, books, etc.) from a magazine and then ask your child to paste them under the correct column of “wants” or “needs.” Discuss why he or she chose to put the items in the respective columns.

3rd Grade to St. Louis Symphony

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 8:45am-1:30pm

718 North Grand Boulevard

St. Louis, MO

When: We will be leaving MSE at 8:45 am and will return at 1:30 pm

What to Bring: Please bring a sack lunch

Cost: $5 per student and $5 per adult

What to Wear: Dress up if possible

Volunteers are needed and must have a background check and volunteer form submitted

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Art Room News

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. –Scott Adams

Welcome to the Art Room MSE Families!

We are already off to an exciting start to the year in the Art Room. Mrs. Adams and I planned some sensational new projects for this year’s art curriculum. In case you haven’t heard, Mrs. Adams had a beautiful baby girl and has been out since the second day of school. She is looking forward to returning Monday October 19th.

I have enjoyed working with the wonderful students at MSE and am amazed at their growth already. I am sure you will also enjoy all the masterpieces that the 2015-2016 school year will bring.


Angela Shea-Jones (Mrs. Jones) Substitute Art Teacher

Kindergarten and 1st Grades

A special welcome to all of our new families! In kindergarten we keep things simple. We just finished our first project so ask your child if he or she can tell you what a seascape is. Our seascapes introduced or reinforced cutting and gluing skills. With glue we say, “One dot not a lot’ and “A little dab will do ya.” This week we began identifying and drawing different types of lines. The next couple of projects will reinforce this concept and introduce new vocabulary such as sculpture.

2nd Grade

In second grade with just finished our fish project. We used geometric shapes and lines to create a pattern for our piranha fish. We also learned about a water color resist and that crayons are made from wax and can resist water color paint from absorbing into the paper. Next we are learning Symmetry and reviewing warm and cool colors. We are using organic shapes to create our fall symmetry leaves.

3rd Grade

We created a landscape focusing on perspective. Students practiced drawing straight lines with a ruler and using a vanishing point to create the illusion of space. They also learned that the further away something is from the viewer, the smaller it appears. This was a fun project for them because they were able to use the surreal style when making these landscapes. Some students even had lollipops growing from the ground instead of trees! We are now creating Symmetry monsters and learning about positive and negative space. They love this project!

4th Grade

In 4th grade we produced a 3D Block Letter Name project. We used a straight edge and a vanishing point to create the illusion of a cube from a square. Our current project also deals with optical illusions. We call this type of art Op Art. We are taking it a step further this time and using value to enhance the optical illusion. We are creating value by applying more or less pressure with colored pencils. We are excited to see how these turn out.

5th Grade

Fifth graders are also learning about Op Art. They made a name project were they used two complimentary colors to write their name in cursive. Then the followed the contour lines of their name to create the illusion of 3D space on a 2D surface. Currently we are working on a 3D hand project and we have expanded the use of the complimentary color scheme to their choice of color scheme.

Fall Library News

We are starting to FALL into our regular routines at the library.

  • Kindergarten has started checking out paperback books for family story time.
  • 1st graders are checking out reader books so they can practice their reading skills at home.
  • 2nd – 5th graders are checking out Accelerated Reader (AR) books. After they finish reading an AR book, they should be taking the comprehension quiz on a school computer to help them improve in their reading abilities. You can help your student keep track of their AR quizzes using the Home Connect web site.

Information papers about Home Connect where sent home recently. If you need more information about how the Home Connect program works, please contact the library.

Music Notes

I can't believe that it is already October! This is the month the 3rd grade classes will travel to hear the St. Louis Symphony! All third graders in the district will be going to St. Louis on October 27th on a field trip to the symphony! If you are a parent of a 3rd grade student, you should have already gotten one letter home about this trip. Please keep an eye out for more information to come in another letter that will be sent home the beginning of October.

The fifth grade classes will be singing for us at our Veterans Day Assembly on November 11th. If you are a parent of a 5th grade student, please mark this date on your calendar because you are welcome to come and join us for this assembly.

Thank you for supporting music at Main Street Elementary!

P.E. Fun

We have just completed our first round of the pacer test in 4th and 5th grade. All grades have had the opportunity to do fitness stations where they practice some of the exercises that we do all year. The older grades also recorded how many of each exercise they do in a minute. We also got out the scooters and did lots of soccer activities. There's much more in store for the month of October! Please send your child to school in tennis shoes that are well tied! Children not wearing appropriate shoes will not be allowed to participate for their safety.

Stay Active,

Kim Larson

Nurse Notes


We are on our way in school now. Most of you have filled out the paperwork that is mandatary for students each year, and I want to thank you for doing so. Some, however, have not returned their forms. It is very important that these are filled out and returned as soon as possible. The signed medical papers allow me to treat your child when he or she comes in with anything from a scrape to a headache. I can not even use itch cream on poison ivy or bug bites without those papers signed.

Just a Reminder

We have had a tummy bug with Vomiting/Diarrhea and also a lot of Strep throat. PLEASE follow the policy that states that a student must be Fever Free/Vomit Free/Diarrhea Free WITHOUT MEDICINE to return to school. Please follow these rules to help keep our kids healthy.

I hope this year has started off well. If you ever have questions please feel free to contact me at 636-528-4809.

Tracy Thompson

Nurse T

MSE Nurse

Title One

Title One Reading Interventionists have been testing all students grades 1-5 using the STAR reading test. Please look for your student's report coming from his or her teacher.

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The Main Street Newsletter Has a New Name

The monthly newsletter now has a new name! We held a contest for our classrooms to choose the new title for our parent newsletter. We are proud to announce that Mrs. Molitor's 3rd grade class submitted the winning entry! "The MSE Roaring Report"

The class received certificates for a Mr. D's personal pizza for coming up with the new title. Good job SHOWING YOUR PRIDE!!

Technology Tips

Crisp Air! Fall Leaves and the smell of apple cider and bonfires abound! Students at Main Street Elementary are working on the Scientific Method by doing online experiments and recording their observations and results. We are making multimedia experiences while identifying and describing animal adaptations. Summarizing, vocabulary and character analysis have taken on a Cartoon Flair with students demonstrating their knowledge through cartoons dialogue! Creating Stand Up Hand Up Veteran’s Day question cards are a neat way to show our Pride in our Armed Services and learn about the upcoming holiday.

October is a time for Halloween. If you take out your ghost or ghoulie, I’m sure you talk about safe practices for going door to door, crossing the road etc. If you are stuck for ideas though, this website will take you to some good Halloween safety resources.

As always don’t forget to remember those important online safety tips too! Check out the family safety page below on CyberBullying.

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Fun at MSE!

Main Street Elementary Calendar

Click here for our Events Calendar

Volunteer/Background Check Forms

REMINDER: A volunteer form and background check MUST be filled out and turned into the office PRIOR to attending a field trip with your student. Forms are not carried over from the previous school year.