The Wake-Up Ball

The best wake-up call ever!

Have you ever missed your alarm clock and woken up late? Or have you ever been jolted awake by that awful "BEEP!"? We've all been there some time or other and it is a horrible way to start a fresh new day.

The Solution?

A wake-up call from the... Wake-Up Ball!

What Is The Wake-Up Ball?

The Wake-Up Ball is a circular alarm clock covered with small transmitters l that emit sound waves all over its surroundings.

How It Works

The Wake-Up Ball gives you a wake-up call every morning with a quiet buzzing at a frequency to keep you from falling back asleep without the obnoxiously loud noises.
We all love our sleep, but everyone has to wake up early for something. The best way to make it any better is by getting a wake-up call from the Wake-UP Ball, quiet but effective!