Clean Energy

Justus Hess A-D

Creating the Clean Energy Future

America's dependence on fossil fuels threatens our national security and is a major contributor to global warming and toxic air pollution. By investing in renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind and biomass, we can help solve the energy and climate crises.

Tragedy of Commons

This issue is related to the "tragedy of commons" in a way that is meant to be understood. If a gas station raises it's oil prices then an adjoining gas station will raise its gas prices. But imagine if the first gas station didn't need to raise their prices? What would the other gas station do?

Key Players

High Gas Prices: Supply, Demand and the Oil Industry’s Monopoly on Transportation

An End to a Tragedy

With such a meager share of global oil, no amount of domestic drilling will make a dent in our dependence on foreign imports, despite what Big Oil would have us believe. The only way to take back control over our energy future is to move toward more efficient cars and trucks, cleaner fuels, and more transportation options for Americans