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Staff Mini Pack Update 2/12/2016

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Principal's Pen

Scott Staff,

Can you tell we are entering the long stretch and "crunch time?" It is hard to keep smiling with your to-do list resonating in your head! Hang in there. We have such a united staff that finds strengths in one another; that is who we are and what we stand for!

I read an article (imagine that?) from the Ziglar Institute about staying the course and keeping your focus. They talked a lot about committing your goal in writing. I'm sure you can ask anyone if they have a goal and they do. But when you ask if they have written that goal down, you see fewer people saying that they have.

Does it really matter if they've written it down or not? If we set a goal, what's the difference between writing it down versus just telling ourselves that we have a a goal in mind?

When you set a goal for yourself, you need to write down what it is you actually want and then you need to map out the steps to set the goal in motion. The map answers questions like "How do I get started?" and "Who do I need to talk to?"

When you put this together, your journey and your destination become a path for you to follow. It provides the commitment for your goal.

When you are setting a goal without doing anything mentioned above, you are turning your goal into a desire. It tends to stay a dream.

When you set a balanced goal program and it is written down, you firmly put into place all of your goals and how to get there. You don't find yourself backing down when the going gets tough and it will get tough.

How does this relate and resonate with the goals we are asking our students to set both academically and personally? Would it help for our students to see the thought process you go through when setting your own goals?

We encourage you to inspire your students by making your goal setting visible for them!

We hope you have a relaxing weekend and take time for yourself and your family.

Paige and Leanne

A BIG Congratulation on the birth of Presley Peterson! Nicole and Presley are doing great!

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Mrs. Meagher and Ms. Hanvey Join Forces to Problem Solve!

Special Shout Outs

  • Shout OUT to Angela Livengood on her recent engagement!
  • A BIG Woohoo to Emily Barnes! She had a questionable email response to which she replied, "I will not let them take my grace! I have a good life and this isn't about me!" Emily, you helped us all grow with your response to this moment! Appreciate you.
  • HOLLER to the 5th grade team! They understand the value of shared accountability, collaborative planning, and knowing each 5th grade student by name and need whether it is their own student or not.
  • We are SO thankful to our staff! Kacey Pennington said that everyone rallied around her and helped her move her classroom on the day of the stink! What a privilege to work with such a special group!
  • We love our kinder team! They rallied around Nicole to help as she got ready to have Presley!

Teachers Sharing Tips

Check out how teachers on our campus are differentiating!

Positive Behavior Tips

These strategies were collected from the magazine ADDitude. (Thanks Kim Karp.)

  • Give kids multiple options to complete an assignment. For example, the options for an assignment might include: write a story, draw a comic strip, act out a scene, make a podcast.
  • Think-Pair-Share - allowing students time to share their ideas and organize their thoughts before they share aloud.
  • Use visuals/posters/clipart to help students make memorable connections to the content they are learning, fostering greater engagement.
  • Chunk large assignments into smaller ones for students who feel overwhelmed.
  • Create visual schedules for students with pictures that show them completing what is expected of them.
  • Place your most easily distracted or distracting students in charge of the class for a set time. This can reinforce engagement and responsibilities that your want him/her to become accountable for.
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