Japanese Art

By Julian Alviz- Gransee


Underneath a sea,

a fish swims near the wet waves

around other fish

Bonsai garedning

Bonsai gardening was a method of gardening when a tree was trimmed and wired to be a smaller version of a tree. It could vary in sizes. Sometimes, you would have to go to gardening school to properly learn it.


Japanese calligraphy goes back to the twenty eighth century when most writing was pictographs. It is a form of writing when there is a slanted brush so that the writing is thinner in some places, but thicker in others. It is more or less an "artistic writing".



A form of theater that started in around the seventieth century. In these plays, the actors were all men, and they used makeup, and they used some time to make unique costumes.


Since the 14th century, this form of theater has been the longest known and is still practiced today. It also only uses men (they act for women) and instead of painting themselves, they use masks with strings around the back of their head.

Julian Alviz Gransee

Plaza middle school 6th grade student

Kansas City, MO