KC Auto Show

Field Trip

You MUST have a signed permission slip to go!!

As all of our students are aware of, in order to participate in any field trip you need to make sure your parents have signed a permission slip for you to go. Why, you say? So that your parents are aware of your whereabouts. Also, if we are going somewhere which they do not approve, they can let us know. Thanks

KC Auto Show Field Trip

Friday, March 4th, 11:15am

Kansas City, MO, United States

Kansas City, MO

We will leave BOSCO at 11:15 and return at 3pm

What Will We Be Doing?

Good question students. We will visit the Auto Show and let you gaze at the amazing autos, concept cars, and other attractions Bartle Hall in KC has to offer. If you open your mind, you'll have a good time. Promise.