My Life In The Future

By: Tiffany Amber Jump

The Basics

My Husband: David Tyler Dickens    My Kids: Three....Dicky, Leslie, Michelle      My Hometown: Putnam County Eatonton, Georgia     Where I Live: Miama, Florida      My Job: School Counselor         My Hobbies: Singing, Drawing, Writing, and Spending Time With My Husband And My Kids          My Mom: Paula Evonne Shirley Jump          My Mom-In-Law: Jennifer Dickens          My Dad: Sonny Allen Jump            My Step-Mom: Catherine Denise Boss           My Siblings: Taylor, Num, Michaela, Tyler, Nikki, and Nate

My Biography

  I was born and raised in Georgia. The first four years of my life was spent with my mom, until she died in a car accident. A couple of years later, my dad married this lady named Sue, who use to beat me. Then they finally got divorced. Couple of years after that, my dad married a lady named Denise. They had a son named Nate together. They started abusing me really bad,  so I moved in with my Aunt Wanda in Jefferson, Georgia. I stayed there for a year and a half, until I decided I wanted to move back to Putnam County with my  Granny Lucy. While living there I met this boy named Jonathon Smith, who I thought was perfect for me. Well it turned out that I was wrong. I brokeup with him to go out with my best friend, David Tyler Dickens. We spent eight happy months with each other,  until he brokeup with me. I was heart broken. But thankfully, he asked me back out a week later, and told me he missed me and he loves me. I gladly said yes. We have been together since Putnam County High School, and I plan on keeping him with me till the day I. I might not even give him up then.... Now me and him are happily married with a family of our own.