Chester Elementary School

March 29, 2019

Greetings Parents!

Hopefully we have seen the end of snow for the season. I think we're all ready for summer, and I'm excited to enjoy our beautiful surroundings for a full summer since moving here last August!

Friday, April 5 at 9:30 am we hope to finally welcome Brian Williams/Kindness Ninja to CES for a kindness assembly! Parents are welcome to join us. Please see below for more information.

Interesting article about disciplining. I came across this article last weekend about the Inuit tribes in the north and how they don't yell at their children or even discipline them in a traditional way. It reminded me that over the years I've realized I needed to change my discipline strategies as a principal because they are not as effective in changing behaviors. Instead, we try to take more of a counseling and teaching approach, and provide more relevant consequences to help address the mistake made. I continue to learn better strategies when dealing with students who may make a bad choice, and this article helped me in my improvements. I've included the link below - worth perusing!

Know an incoming kindergartener next year? If so, please pass on that our K round up is April 25, 2019 from 8:30-10:00 am at CES. We will be providing free health exams, and requesting birth certificates and shot records. Please register your K child online by visiting, click on "enrollment" on the right side of the screen, select "2019-2020 school year," create an account and complete the registration. We can also assist with online registration on April 25. Please call CES if questions. Thanks!

We appreciate your willingness to review our communication, stay informed and be a part of your child's education. Thank you!

Kindness Ninja Now Coming to CES April 5, 9:30 am.

We are EXCITED to announce that CES is going to be taking on a massive kindness challenge and its launching with an assembly on April 5 (assuming no more big snowstorms)!


The entire student body will be challenged to carry-out acts of kindness in the halls, classrooms, at home and throughout the community. Each student will receive a kindness challenge so don’t be shocked if you see a little more Kindness around the house .

Challenge #2 – Global Impact

During the assembly, students will hear stories, see pictures and watch videos of kids their own age in Kenya. But one big difference, is that these children have never worn a pair of shoes in their life! We are going to challenge the entire school to collect gently used sneakers that will be sent to needy children and families around the globe. So go throughout your closet to see if you have any sneakers you don’t wear anymore. (also ask your friends, family and neighbors!) Important – we are only collecting sneakers. Please don’t bring boots, flip-flops, slippers, etc.

To help us make an even bigger impact, we want to ask you to engage in conversation with your family about the subject of Kindness. Ask them about what they’ve done, acknowledge what they do, and encourage the simple life skill of Kindness.

Snow poems from a couple of our 4th graders! Well done Brooke & Finn!

More Snow? from Brooke/4th grade

Snow. Snow. Snow.

The dreadful snow.

Knocking on my windows and doors.

Swaying back and forth like a swing.

Whistling like a train in the night.

Getting STRONGER, and STRONGER each time.

Rarely calming down. Heaping. Falling. And never ending.

Snow. Snow. Snow. The dreadful snow.

“Salt Like Snow” from Finn/4th grade

Salt like snow. Salt like snow

Oh the salt like snow

As it sprinkles around the world. It is salt like snow

As I play around, I play in the salt like snow

The snow is as light as the night

The snow is as white as the summer moon light

The salt like snow.

Upcoming Dates

April 2 - Plumas Rural Services Community Dinner Meeting 5:30-7:00 Chester Wellness Center

April 3 - CES Site Council 3:00 Rm 17

April 5 - Kindness Assembly 9:15-10:00 am - parents welcome

April 15-19 - Spring Break (Easter April 21)

April 22 - 4th-6th assembly - "Leading From the Heart" from author Michelle Trujillo

April 24 - PTA Meeting 3:00 CES Rm 18

April 25 - Kindergarten Roundup Health & Registration Fair - 8:30-10:00 am

Thanks for your support!

We enjoy partnering with our parents to provide an exceptional elementary education for all of our students. We appreciate your ongoing support to benefit our students. Please let us know if you have any questions. (Don't you love the summer picture of CES? Who's tired of all this snow?)