Timberview Trees

By Danny Kim and Devin Richardson


Trees make a huge important in our life. They create oxygen from our carbon dioxide . They help our world.

Texas Red Oak

-Growth Rate 2 ft per year moderate to rapid,

-Full height 75 ft,

-Full width 40-50 ft,


-Leaves alternate 4-8 inches long 3-6 inches wide dark green,

-Life Span 30-40 years,

-Red oak reproduce by having female and male flowers then turn into acorns and they fall.

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Live Oak

-Growth Rate 2.5 ft-Mature height 50 ft,

-Mature Width 60 ft,

-Acorns-Life Span,

-Leaves 4-8 inches or 2-4 inches long,

-They grow acorns that ripen and they fall into the ground that turns into a live oak.

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White Cedar

-Growth Rate 1-2 ft per year,

-Mature height of 25- 40 ft,

-Mature Width 10-12 ft,

-Leaves scales like, with blades less and 2 inches long,

-tree belongs to the cupressaceae family and grows well in USDA hardiness zones 2-7,

-They produce cones that fall off cause of the wind and they break apart and release seeds

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