Utopia community

Declaration of Independence

Here in tranquility we are a calm and pacifistic community. We are fight free in every way,shape and form.Our community was created to rid of war and fights which our previous community had. The violence of war causes problems mentally , physically, and geographically. Many people can acquire disturbing images in war or fights that can haunt them greatly. Physically we can get brain damage or nervous system damage affecting our lives. Geographically people can be relocated in wars to a location they don't like. Our community will also have no pollution to maintain a healthy and calm atmosphere and civilization. Only pure electric cars and human powered bikes can be used for our previous society we had gas guzzling that harmed precious things like the ozone layer. We are here to make sure that stops now. All our citizens will have a stress free life supported by the government. Their jobs,schools,and work will be supervised to make sure it is challenging but not stressful . No one should be stressed but if they are they can either visit the community council for help or they can take medication to relax. We are calm,peaceful, and pacifistic. We are tranquility.

List of rules

  • The government called the council made up of 5 leaders, who will make the community's major decisions. It will be a democracy based government.
  • People are informed by a intercomm system around the community. It will inform people every six hours unless an emergency.
  • All people will have a say in decisions both small and big.they will give input to thei leaders by a town meeting enclosed with voting for the new decision.
  • Decisions are enforced by a publi speech from a representative for each side of the decision.
  • everyone must maintain peace and calmness.There will never be war or fights between people.Lastly no one must create any pollution of any form to sustain a healthy environment.
  • Anyone who commits a crime will be called upon to the council where they will be talked to seriously and possibly have priveleges taken away like a form of entertainment .
  • People will be educated by certified teachers who are experts in a certain subject. All students will be grouped based on learning rate instead of age.It will be a rule enforced in school that all needed subjects like math ,science ,Language arts,etc must be taught and learned.carrer choices for the future will be made by students.
  • All citizens will be taught to not fight yet standup for themselves ,respect others and their opinions, lastly to care for their environments.
  • All people will be free to think but not to hate or be violent . They will need to be positive towards others and their ideas. Any belief can be supported anda belief should be supported to keep you occupied and make you unique.

Governing body

Our government will be structured through a form of democracy. The democracy will include a group of five people called the council. They will make decisions with the voting help of our citizens at town meetings. All major and minor decisions to the community must pass through the council before voted on. A total of 35 votes must be yes for a decision to pass. A new law can only be presented every month to prvent too many town meetings and chaos. This concludes our government.

Motto And seal

Motto: we here in tranquility will be calm,peaceful, and respectful to others and never fight. Everyone will be supported with their choices in life and will never be in chaotic sitautions. We are committed to keeping a calm life and healthy pollutant free environment.We are tranquility. seal: down below chose this motto and seal to represent my utopic community because the motto defines the name and meaning of my community and how it is. The seal shows the symbol of peace with an earth to show that we tranquility care for both the environment and peace. That is why I chose and made this motto and seal.
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The citizens of tranquility will work for most of their life. They can choose from over 50 jobs that are beneficial or for entertainment. they will earn money by the hour and every job must pay between $9 and $12 per hour based on the rank of the job. people may be tipped at all jobs to support them. that is how the inhabitants of tranquility will earn a living. Each job pays different but provide everyone with a sudeficient amount of money to live a happy life.Jobs are mandatory to occupy everyone and to have everyone have money to live.

creative element

For my utopian animal I chose the mantis to symbolize my society. It is an animal with great patience, peace and calmness like my utopian society. The mantis can survive on its own like my society by being respectful to its environment and being peaceful. Everyone in my society is like the mantis. the mantis also is said to show up in life when all is calm and peaceful and going perfect.That is why the Mantis would perfectly fit to symbolize my society and inhabitants.
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Written element Daily Itinerary: Basic day

8:00-9:00am wake up and get ready for the day.

9:00-9:30am go to work or school.

9:30-2:30pm get off school.

2:00-4:00pm get off work.

4:00-5:00pm clean the house.

5:00-6:00pm make dinner.

7:00-8:30pm free time.

8:30-9:00pm everyone goes to bed.