Tech Tidbit

November 2013

Padlet (formerly Wallwisher)

Padlet is a free online bulletin board or cork board, where users can post media and ideas. As a class or small group, Padlet can be used to brainstorm ideas, complete a KWL chart, turn in papers and showcase student work. Productive Group work is a breeze with Padlet, as each group can have their own board where group members posts include the author's name. When finished, the board can be embedded onto a class website or blog, saved as a PDF, or remain in the cloud on the Padlet website.

A few helpful information:
  • Padlet works on the iPads!
  • The person who created the board is the only one who can delete anyone's posts. Meaning, if you have a student that is off task and posts a picture not related to the task at hand, you can get on the computer of whomever created the board, and easily delete the post
  • The Padlet page will automatically expand, so don't worry about everyone fitting on the small window you see at first