Genie Garage Door Opener

Genie Garage Door Opener Guide

In case this is your first time to possess a Genie garage door opener, we have down below some instructions you can follow as you go on using it. These information can help you utilize your remote opener properly, so take time to read them.

Program the Remote opener

Find the "Learn" button on the garage door opener mounted on your garage ceiling. Push the button, and you'll see the "Learn Indicator Light" will flash to show you it is all set so that you can program it. Push the button on your remote opener and check out the "Learn Indicator Light" once more. It will eventually changes from a blinking light into a steady light. Push the button on your remote opener once again, and the "Learn Indicator Light" will switch off. Try out your remote opener to be sure it opens up and shuts your Genie garage door properly. If you wish to program several remote openers, program 1 by 1 with such procedures.

Open and shut the Garage Door

Push the button on your remote opener to open up the garage door. To shut the garage door, press the button on your remote opener. If you have to halt your garage door while it opens or closes, press the button on your remote opener when you want the garage door to cease. Once you push the button again, the garage door will turn back and shift to other way.

Remove Remote opener from Memory

In the event that your garage door inexplicably operates alone, possibly there is some other device being used close to you which has a similar program code as your garage door opener. This can be certainly a safety concern that you have to deal with, since you wouldn't like your garage door to open up during the time when you feel your home is protected. To repair the issue, remove your entire remote openers from memory and reprogram all of them with a totally new code. Push the "Learn" button over the garage door unit attached to the ceiling of your garage area. Keep it down for around 10 seconds, or till the "Learn Indicator Light" fades. If the light disappear, you will know that the memory of your Genie door opener is deleted.

If you want to consult any problem with your genie opener, you can always call to a trusted garage company. Just inform them about it and they will surely give the possible ways to end it. Just visit them here!