The Help

By: Katherine Stockett


Aibileen: An older African American woman that has been a maid ever since she was 14. Her specialty is being the nanny to these young white children.

Minny: She is the loud, outspoken character in the novel. Her strength hides her insecurities.

Miss Skeeter: The free thinking young white lady of the town. She will start a revolution in a racially separated town in Mississippi.


The Help is about the town of Jackson Mississippi during the civil rights movement. It follows the lives of three women: Minny, Aibileen, and Eugenia Phelan (Skeeter). The story gives a very realistic description of the lives and experiences that these women have.

My Opinion

I, myself, really enjoyed the book. It gave an interesting perspective from three different points of view and made my thinking of the civil rights movement more personal rather than academic. I would recommend the book to everyone that enjoys funny, touching, light hearted reads.