Out Of Ink?? :(

Need to replace your current toner / ink cartridge?

Recycle your cartridges here!!! :)

Every year so many laser and empty ink cartridges are sent to our landfills contributing to the build up of waste. Did you know these items can be cleaned, refilled, then sold again? Join the club of going green today and giving back to mother nature. She has provided and given so much to us and continues to give for our survival. We encourage the recycling of all materials that may be used and re-used again and again. Let us take care of the recycling for you. At Inkrethink we believe in the saying "help us to help you". We take in all types of empties. From Xerox to Hewlett Packard laser cartridges, we take em all. Refunding mailing costs once we have recieved your package? No problem at all!!! Provide us with your mailing receipts and an address so refunds can be mailed back to you the next business day. Keep in mind this is strictly for recycling purposes only. No we aren't a huge company nor a national distributor of any kind. We are small, local, and insist on giving back to our community as much as we can. Family comes first. We do our part to give back for a very green and cleaner enviroment for all future generations. Lets all do our part :) So dont toss em, save em and mail a box in to us. We look forward to doing business with you soon. Godbless :) Mailing address: 7520 284th St E, Graham, WA. 98338 / email: Inkrethink@yahoo.com