145.5-65.5 MYA

Life of the Cretaceous Period

During the Cretaceous period, a lot of new dinosaurs and plants existed. Some of the dinosaurs that lived in the Cretaceous period are the tyrannosaurus rex, the triceratops, and the iguanodon. Some of the new plants that came from that period are the cycadeoidea, conifers, and palmae (palm trees).

The Geography of the Cretaceous Period

At the start of the Cretaceous there were 2 contentious Laurasia and Gondwana (Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas). At the start of the Cretaceous Africa and South America and by the end they were separated. Flowers were plentiful all over the 2 contentious. the oceans got bigger or smaller depending on the ocean(Atlantic got bigger Pacific got smaller). The Cretaceous had a colder climate the the rest of the Mesozoic era.