Get Whitt it!

If you call one wolf, you invite the pack.

Next week's wolf howl!


The welcome

WOW chorale- short song!


Silver Spoon

Cheer from Rottman & Humphreys

Kulena Kids- Teamann will read out the names of kids who have shown KULEANA, (Please send her ONE name from each of your classes!!). These "Leaders of the Pack" will come up on stage & get a high five! They will leave the stage through a teacher built tunnel (like in a football game, you know?) ALL teachers will line the aisles with arms forming a tunnel, and we'll play a jock jams tune, as they come running through.

We're done after they all run through the tunnel. We'll dismiss fourth grade last since WOW chorale will be on the risers.

Data is flowing!

Now that you have unit assessment data in your back pocket, be sure you are spiraling in those TEKS as often as possible for students who struggled. They will see them again, and in addition to reviewing specific questions missed, we want to make sure the content is understood. Be strategic with your seed questions. Are you asking questions to the kids who need it the most? I've linked below a form that can help you sort your students based on their quintile...plan in advance what questions can be asked of your differently grouped students. At this point in the year we are teaching for transfer. We are varying our learning strategies. Be intentional! Just think of this month as Quintober! :)

RTIs in PLC & early release plans

Don't forget that on October 28th we will be reviewing your RTI caseload. We'll want to see small groups, data on why they are there, and what interventions you're using, above and beyond those best practices we see happening in your classroom. I am seeing some GREAT checking for understanding as I am out and about. Keep it up!

Please know...RTI is the path AWAY from special ed. Our goal is to provide the support needed to help close gaps, and after we've tried everything in our power to do so, and aren't seeing progress, THEN we have the conversation about what comes next. That is the role of the RTI team, to decide what comes next.

We will have a short presentation from Mrs. Sturgeon and Mrs. Hauenstein on Nov. 4th at 1pm for RTI reminders. Advanced academic teachers will be meeting with Joei, location TBD. The rest of your afternoon will be used for purposeful planning.

SAMR and a survey...

Please complete this survey!! (Not optional! )

Give some thought as to where you can apply the substitution level in your class room this next week. A Teamann treat for those who can tell me what you're substituting within your lessons this next week! (optional!)


Substitution is an easy add in for differentiating with your students. The TASK remains the same, but the tool is different.

Carol Hooker has a great post with more SAMR examples related to a swimming pool, makes it easy to understand!

October challenge reminder...

I have ONE completed BINGO and then two teachers who have emailed me links...but no bingo card!! This is an easy one, folks! You still have plenty of time! :)

It's Connected Educator Month! October is one of my favorite months of the year. Football, fall, connected educators...ALL GOOD THINGS!

Educators are models of learning for kids. As educators' learning shifts from the "sit and get" model to the collaboration (connected) model, that shift hopefully transfers to their teaching as well. If an educator controls his or her learning through self-direction, that learning becomes more meaningful. Authentic self-directed learning becomes self-motivating. That does more than translate to a better-educated educator -- it also creates a teacher advocate for collaborative learning.

For your October Tech Ninja Challenge, complete a Connected Educator BINGO for an entry to possibly win a TCEA trip, courtesy of Mrs. Heller and Mrs. Hattaway. These are all easy things that you can do at your leisure this month. Find a bingo that works for you & and turn it into me!

First, read this post!

Then, complete a bingo here!

Blog posts

Be still my heart...I sure hope you've read the last couple of entries on our "As the Pack Pauses". Greatness, friends, greatness!!

Readworthy for the week

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Happy Birthday to YOU!

Sherri Rodgers, Oct 21

Bradshaw's Blurbs


Math and Science consumables are here! I will begin distribution as soon as our pallets are delivered.


Please take your classes to the restroom before lunch. We are getting more students needing to visit the clinic. Remind your kiddos that this should be for emergencies only.


Referrals are in Skyward. Remember it is necessary to submit a referral when a student needs to visit the office. Thank you!

Calendar Comings

Oct 19: Young Rembrandts, school board meeting 7pm

Oct 20: Teamann at ESC for Instructional Focus, UIL practice

Oct 21: Wylie Way Unity Day

Oct 22: Bradshaw ESC, AP meeting

Oct 23: Wolf Howl!! Woohoo! Whitt Night at Pirate Stadium