Water Pollution

By: Mackenzie Meyer


Water sources are being polluted with bacteria, viruses, chemicals, fertilizer, grease, trash, and so many more harmful things. This pollution causes health issues for plants, animals, and humans and is a problem that must be quickly addressed. Typhoid fever, cholera, and dysentery are all harmful diseases caused from drinking contaminated water. "Pollution of water is killing more than malaria or even wars themselves" (Tony Clarke). The longer this problem continues the more violent it will be until all the fresh water is gone. Although we may not know it, humans are the main cause of water pollution. Therefore, it is up to us to keep our natural resources.

Solution 1

TechnoServe is a corporation that cleans water where coffee beans contaminated it. When factories produce coffee, the pulp and wasted water goes directly into the rivers in Ethiopia. TechnoServe redirects the pollution to vitiver grass in the wetlands. Since this grass can take lots of force and can survive in almost any ecosystem, the grass will remain unharmed, more coffee will safely be made, and the polluted rivers can be kept clean.

  • The water stays clean.
  • More coffee can be produced.
  • People drinking the water will stay healthy.
  • There is no possibility of water contamination.

  • If there is a fault in the redirection of the waste, the water could be dangerous.
  • This is only used in Ethiopia.
  • The vitiver grass could be effected in ways scientists did not plan.
  • The invention may not work over time and start polluting the wetlands.
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Solution 2

The Impact Nations water filter is an invention that provides families with fresh drinking water. This invention sanitizes uneatable water through a filtration process. When it rains, water from the pipes of homes filter through a tube. There, it cycles through a cleansing system and comes out as healthy, clean water. Water from wells, streams, rivers, and any contaminated area can also be poured through this system for more clean water. This invention costs $65 but can serve multiple families at a time, and is great for citizens who live far away from a well maintained water source.


  • Families can get clean water.
  • This can feed multiple people.
  • The filter can be inserted in any part of the country.
  • It can hold up to ten thousand liters of water.


  • If something in the process goes wrong, this could be harmful.
  • Some families cannot afford them.
  • Areas with less rain and less bodies of water would not get much to drink.
  • The filtration system is huge.
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Best Solution

The Impact Nations water filter is the best solution when fixing water pollution. This is true because the filter can be used anywhere. This allows families to get fresh water wherever they are. Secondly, solution two holds up to ten thousand liters of water. A normal human drinks three liters of water everyday so in one day about three-thousand, three-hundred thirty-three people are supplied with fresh water. Finally, this invention is always producing water. Whenever it rains or water is poured in, the filter creates something healthy to drink. Overall, solution two is the best when fixing water pollution because it can be used anywhere, feeds many people, and always provides families with non-polluted water.