Español 3

March 9-13

Week 8

I hope everybody enjoyed the beautiful weekend!

Due to inclement weather, assignments were extended, but students need to get caught up before the end of 1st quarter.

This Friday, March 13, Unit 3, lessons 1 and 2 are due by 11:55PM.

Friday, March 20, Unit 3, lessons 3 and 4 and all of Unit 4 are due by at 11:55PM.

Please encourage students to work on assignments and get them completed!

This week students continue working on Unit 4, La Tierra, with lessons 3, 4 and 5.

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Here is a calendar of this week's RLCs for Unit 4. There are 6 this week for students to attend. Students need to choose a date and plan on attending!
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National Digital Learning Day, Friday, March 13

Did you know that this Friday, March 13, is national Digital Learning Day?

Digital learning means engaging with content and showing learning in interactive ways.

Here is a link for our students to tell how NCVPS courses and our approach to digital learning has impacted them!

We want to hear from our students!


All NCVPS students are able to communicate with his/her teachers on BBIM when working on assignments. My hours are Monday-Wednesday, 8-10PM, but I login to BBIM every time I am on the computer, so students can contact me at other times with either BBIM or texting. Please encourage them to communicate with me!

Contact me if you have any questions!

Beverly Aguirre