Swimming sea turtles

the greenest you can find

can swim as fast as a sea turtle?

A sea turtles fastest speed is 20 miles an hour. How fast can you swim?

picky eaters see this what this animal eats

sea turtles eat sea sponges,mullasks,cruststaions,alge,plants and fish.Sea turtles commonly mistake plastic backs as jelly fish so keep our oceans clean.But they dont eat with teeth like we do they have beaks to kill the prey then swallow them

help save the sea turtles

Most sea turtles speices are endagered there dieing of pouliton and eating plastic bags. some speices are green,hawksbill,leatherback,kemps riley,logger head and olive

Attakers swim away

Some sea turtles predators are all adault sharks,killer whales,crabs and seaguls (when baby)

By: Jackson White