K-5 Math

5th 6 Weeks

Successful Math Classrooms have...

  • Clear Objective - Is your objective aligned with the TEKS?
  • Active Engagement - Are the students working on high-quality, engaging math tasks?
  • Advanced Questioning - Are your questions relevant and related to Blooms?
  • Conversations - Are your students communicating their ideas about math?
  • Representations - Do you have an active word wall? Do you have anchor charts that help students anchor their learning? Manipulatives?
  • Differentiation - Are you attending to the different skill levels within your classroom?


Topic 8 - Understanding Subtraction (19 days continued)

Fun with Subtraction

Topic 10 - More Addition and Subtraction (24 days)

More Addition and Subtraction Activities

1st Grade

Topic 10 - Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 120 (15 days)

Exploring Numbers to 120

Topic 11 - Money (14 days)

Teaching Money

Touch Money Poems

Big picture
Big picture

2nd Grade

Topic 10 - Money (10 days)

Collection of Coins

NumberRock - Counting Coins

Topic 11 - Number Patterns and Algebra (4 days)

Even or Odd Model Base Inquiry

Topic 12 - Fractions (10 days)

Great Ideas! The site says 1st grade, but the activities can be adjusted to match the 2nd grade TEKS.


3rd Grade

Topic 11 - Understanding Fractions (11 days continued)

Decomposing Fractions

NumberRock - Fractions on a Number Line

Topic 12 - Shapes and Solids (7 days)

2D and 3D Figures and Attributes

Topic 13 - Measurement: Area and Perimeter (12 days)

Area and Perimeter

Topic 14 - Measurement: Capacity, Weight, Mass, and Time (Begin 10 day unit)

More or Less than a Liter

Time Intervals - I suggest having students draw number lines to help complete the activity.

4th Grade

Topic 12 - Measurement and Conversions (14 days continued)

Units of Measurement

NumberRock - Measurement

Topic 13 - Solving Measurement Problems (9 days)

10 Hands-On Activities for Teaching Area and Perimeter

Topic 14 - Lines, Angles, and Shapes (10 days)

Angles, Lines and Movement, Oh My! - Lesson

5th Grade

Topic 13 - Perimeter, Area, and Volume (9 days continued)

When teaching Volume, please make sure that your students understand all formulas on the STAAR Chart. It is important that we teach Base x Height because our students will see it again in 6th grade!

Volume = Bh

Topic 14 - Measurement and Conversions (10 days)

Study Jams

Topic 16 - Personal Financial Literacy (4 days)

This site is Amazing!! The lessons are included and they allow students a fun way to learn about finances. It is FREE to sign up!!


2019 5th Grade Blitz (10 day Review)

The link has been emailed to the IS at each campus.