Animal Cruelty

By Jahmal Sapp

What is my issue about animal abuse

And Abuse is so important because people who mistreat animals should not have one
This issue is important because dogs or other type of animals have feelings to

things that are done to animals are some people eat them , wear them and experiment on the there is so many things does to animals each day

This issue affects the world because

This issue affects society because It stops animals from having offspring's.

This issue,not only affects the animal population but it affects the human, researchers say that some people who abuse animals may have been abused them self's earlier there life.

Animal Abuses mostly affects there population because if this is world wide over time there population could decrease.

why should there be a memorial for animal cruelty

There should be a memorial placed for this because it could motivate people to stop cruelty.

It could raise money for pets with no shelter.

It could put pets in different homes if there being abused.

It would hopefully make people join up and help us stop animal Cruelty.

And this memorial could show people around the world that animal cruelty is not good for the animals or the people.

Where would the memorial be placed ?

The memorial would be placed be a dog park.

It would get more people to look and generally people take there dogs to dog parks because the care about them.

And it could hopefully make people want to donate us so we can go world wide.

What is the goal for the memorial ?

1 People around the world would stop animal cruelty.

2 Fund enough money and give it to animal shelters.

3 Help animals go to a safe and sound home.